Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I knew today was going too well!

God I've been so busy, sat down for the first time at 4.45 with a cup of tea (well apart from 10 mins for lunch and 10 mins at the farm for a quick coffee with Kate)

I went swimming again this morning, short session but had about half an hour of practically non-stop. Popped in the vets to pick up Emmas heart pills, came back and just had time to dry my hair, eat a bowl of Special K (lunch) and then up the farm to feed the lambs. As I got out of the car, Mr R Kite was swooping and gliding around the yard to say hello, really low, I'm sure he likes me. It also answered a query I had, I don't think he's the same one that comes over here, because there was another one in the village over the graveyard as I drove up there, and he wouldn't have got to the farm as quickly as that if it were the same bird. I also saw my first pair of Swifts, yay! The female Kite is definitely sitting on the nest, we clearly saw her forked tail. Kate is putting the lambs onto two feeds a day from tomorrow, so it will be a later one from now on, 4.30 instead of 2 pm.

Got home and cleaned out the guineas, budgies, hoovered, changed the bed, parceled up the bin bags to take down the end of the road for collection tomorrow. As I went out with them, the naughty yellow lab from down the other end of the road was charging around excitedly, so I took her home, knocked the door, and as I shut their gate to come back out, I smashed one of my finger nails on my right hand. Okay not a disaster normally, but somehow its ripped across halfway down the quick and poured with blood. I've had to put a plaster on it, I've never done that before, hurts like hell, and it will be weeks before it grows the same length as my other nails now. Sob. Just when I need to look my best haha.

Anyway, last night I had a new hoggy come visit the dishes, no paint marks and very wet, so don't know where he/she came from but seemed ravenously hungry, ate and ate for ages. All my other three that I've marked came at various times too, so they're all okay.

Took a quick pic of my baby blackbirds in the nest, looks like they are doing fine and will be off into the big bad world very soon. Hope they make it.

Looking forward to the footie on tv tonight. Hope Thierry Henry is playing from the start, and I can swoon away for 90 mins. Well, I can still look can't I? ;o)

The Newby. If it's a male I'm calling it Andy. I will explain why another time. :D


oldcrow61 said...

omg, what a gorgeous picture of the little birds in the nest. Hope your finger is feeling a bit better today. Must have been awful!

Janine said...

Awww look at those little faces in the nest.