Monday, 28 April 2008

Okay so I've been busy doing stuff. Today went for physio on my back and it hurt like hell! Also went to the farm for the 2 o'clock feed, and walk the dogs.

Yesterday had a great day out with the man. We went to the car boot sale, then coffee/lunch, then shopping, then took Emma down to the coast for a walk at Ferryside. So much more relaxed this time, got on really well, had a good laugh, found out more about him, and I really, really like him now. Haha, I'm so fickle!

No, he's good fun, has a great sense of humour, have loads in common, and what's more, I fancy him like mad too.

Can't wait to see him again. God I hope he doesn't ever read this. In fact if there's ever a chance of that, I shall remove this bit of my blog and the one I did from before!

I am trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground though, playing it cool, cos I've been there, done that etc before about 6 years ago, and it didn't work out. I am also a pessimist, but for once I am going to live for today and enjoy myself.

I've challenged him to a game of tennis, I bought racquets and balls yesterday in the sports shop, got a real bargain too. Also Kate says she'll give me a game in the near future, she used to play for her school same as me years ago! We both have bad backs so it will be just a case of hitting it to one another, not much running about lol. Some great news too, she says I can take Alan up there to help me if I want when I'm doing my holiday stints, so I'm sure he will be chuffed about that.

I've just now been up a ladder halfway up my oak tree to check out the blue tit's nest box. Seen nothing happening for days and days now, and assumed it had been abandoned like last year, it's a bit exposed and there were 6 little cold eggs left last year. Anyway, struggled to get the lid off, and it broke in half, and I found one little cold egg inside. Aww. So I took out the egg, was about to take box down off tree, and there was this little blue tit with nesting material in his mouth looking at me from the hollybush, waiting to go in, looking very worried! OMG, they are still active. So now the lid of the box is in two halves, and will leak when it rains. So I quickly went and cut out a square of heavy duty plastic, shoved it under the two halves, screwed it back on and retreated quickly. Oh and of course put the little white egg back first. Will see what happens. Can't work out what has occurred though, because a couple of weeks ago, they were too-ing and fro-ing hour after hour and I assumed they were even feeding chicks or a male was feeding a hen sitting on eggs. The only thing I can think is maybe they've raised chicks, and they've fledged. No youngsters spotted in the vicinity though. Weird.


oldcrow61 said...

Whooo Hoooo! Sounds like things are going great.

nicola said...

Jan you know what I think from when we chat, but I am going to say it again, the change in you is amazing, just read your blog a year ago and you will know what I mean.

You have got out there, even tho you said you was fine and did not want company etc and like being on your own, which if anyone says that I say they lie!

To now you have more mates, more intersts and a poss love thing.

My heart bursts with happiness for you it really does and I am so pleased that you was able to admit to you that you need company and that you did it.

You are an inspiration girl you really are.....

Now about that brazzillian...

Jan said...

Aww thanks nic, I feel happier at present than I've felt in a long long time. Me being the pessimist though, I just hope it doesn't all go pear shaped too fast, or at all really. Lol, I even dreamt about him last night, ooooer I've got it bad. Such a funny dream! So mixed up.