Saturday, 5 April 2008

Thought so...

Last couple of nights, the birds' food dishes that I leave out overnight have been empty at 7am and also have been moved a bit, was hoping it wasn't rats, didn't think so because the dishes are heavy.

Last night, let Emma out for a wee just before bed about 11.30pm. Looked up the path next door, and saw a hoggy eating something that the old lady next door had thrown out of the window. So quickly topped up my dish mainly with peanut halves.

Woke up in the night needing a wee, so Emma wanted to go out too, but although I was half asleep, thought would check the dish in the porch, didn't want her barking the place down. And YAY! It's Middy, you can clearly see the mark on the left side. Not a brilliant shot but didn't want to move my chair and scare him to death. Middy was the bully, who was always barging Colin and Speedy, remember? So chuffed one of them made it anyway. Wonder if I shall get the other two back, hope so.

Bored already, don't know what I'm going to do all day. The thought of housework is very unappealing. Can't face shopping on a Saturday, and the weather isn't good enough to go to the coast or anything.

Oh it was 3.40 am btw, funny time to be grabbing the camera!


Pete said...

that's great!


Pete said...

some of us are at work btw

oldcrow61 said...

This is exciting news Jan. Hope to see them all on cam soon.