Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Been too busy to blog about yesterday, nothing overly exciting except to say that it was a gorgeous spring day here, after an early frost, not used to breaking ice on the bird drinking dishes now!

I had to get a few things done, which involved going to the doctors, getting in some bird food, paying bills etc. I needed to go to the pet food warehouse at Cilgerran, so decided Emma would get her walk along the river there for a change.

The little grave that I saw last year and wondered what it was for had been tended to and a sort of grave stone erected. Very sad, I must try and find out whether it was just someone's favourite place and they had their ashes scattered there, or whether it's just a memorial and the person actually drowned there or something!

We had a picnic lunch sat at the tables, and it was a nice, relaxing day out.

Last night enjoyed watching the football and cheered on Liverpool, and then spent two and a half hours chatting to someone who's contacted me from one of the dating sites. He seems very nice, I don't want to say loads about him on here though because it may not lead anywhere, and also, maybe one day I will want to show him my blog or at least post links to it so he can see what I get up to, and I think it would be too embarrassing to have discussed the poor guy on here. Just see how it goes for now. ;o)

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oldcrow61 said...

What a beautiful area you live in.