Saturday, 26 April 2008

I could be famous...

Lol, no not really, but next week I, along with some more of the Wind Farm objectors group will have our mugshots in one of our local papers. This morning, we had a photoshoot with the photographer for the Cambrian News on top of the mountain near Brechfa forest, where Red Squirrels have been seen. It's our lifeline, Red Squirrels are protected and their habitat must not be disturbed.

So we stood in a howling gale at 11 am this morning. The photo will not be flattering. My eyes streamed, my nose ran, and my hair was probably all over my face, although maybe that would be a good thing!

After I took Emma on a bit further on into Brechfa forest itself, where I used to walk with Irene last year before she moved away, not been there since. It's a bit lonely really for walking alone, but nobody else around so I went for it. Sheltered in amongst the trees, and didn't see any Squirrels either.

Sadly, Emma can't walk as far now, didn't want to overdo it with her, she can only do about half the walk she was doing this time last year, and me with my weight loss and wanting to get fit can do double, so it's not all that satisfactory really, lol, poor little thing.

Anyway took loads of photos of the area, scenery to die for, like looking down out of an aircraft at times. Some of it is very bleak up there on top though, bit like the Yorkshire dales, sheep roaming around, some with little lambs, it's a hard life for them up there.

Beautiful gorse in bloom everywhere, took my breath away on the lane up to the mountain.


Janine said...

Thats a big christmas tree!
Beautiful scenery as always Jan!

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful scenery Jan. Wow, picture in the're a star!

Pete said...

poor little emma :(

nice scenery Jan