Friday, 25 April 2008


Only bits and pieces to report really, been so busy again, and as for next month, I am exhausted already just thinking about it!

I've been up to help feed the lambs three times this week, but not been able to walk dogs until today because the farmer was doing stuff in the fields.

I had doctors yesterday and she advised I try some cardio exercise on my legs to try and tone them up before I make a decision about having the surgery done on my veins! 8 weeks of intensive before I have to go back to the hospital. She suggested I cycle (which I try to keep up with anyway with the bike) swim, and ask in the gym at the leisure centre what's the best exercises. So with this in mind, I went swimming last night! Was pretty good, can't say as I really enjoy it, but its a means to an end, and I enjoy the fact that it's doing me good hopefully. Had a good chat with a couple of the ladies after in the changing room, they both go regularly, so hope to see them again. There were only 12 of us, which was nice really, meant we could all keep out of each other's way, I found it a struggle to do a whole length straight off, so was dodging back and forth doing widths! One of the women told me about another swimming pool where you can have a sauna and jaccuzzi as well, so may take a lookie at that one too.

Erm what else? Found a poor dead Rook in the garden yesterday. I'd noticed one a few days ago which looked slightly too tame, they normally fly off as soon as they see any movement from me in the kitchen, but this one was just stomping around in the grass. Anyway, found him dead under the bamboo, poor thing. Been there a couple of days I think. Wouldn't have been able to do anything though, he was painfully thin, maybe had a tumour or something.

Last night, brought two more hogs indoors and marked them, the little one had a couple of small tics, one right by his eye, but I couldn't get it, he just curled right up tight. Will call this one Trice, (cos it was gone in a.... )marked with white spot on mid-lower left side, as opposed to Squirt who's marked on the other side. The larger one is a female. Going to call her Cass (after Mama Cass) Marked her with a white spot centre, behind head. It was funny watching them on the cam, the female was doing a jig, sort of bouncing around in a circle. I wonder if that's courtship display or not, must find out.

Opened the shed earlier and suprised one of the mice at the dish, and it ran behind the rolled up rug. So I said hellooooo, and it came back out and was looking at me twitching its whiskers, awwww. Then I saw another one which had run up the rug. Both of them were slightly wary, but not terrified. How cute.

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oldcrow61 said...

Awwwww, the mousies must know you're the one putting out the food and aren't afraid. How sweet. Good heavens girl, you are the busy one these days.