Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Early morning at the farm, and I'm changing my name to Mary..

Had a wonderful time this morning, doing the early shift as Kate had to go off at dawn to pick up her car.

Did the lambs and then let them into the field and just stood watching them for a while in the early morning sunshine. Trouble is, little Daisy thinks I'm her mummy (well I expect she's the same with Kate) and follows me everywhere, she didn't want to stay in the field with the other ones, oh no, she wanted to come back out with me, awww bless.

Took the dogs for a walk, and saw Bernie up in the tree, but he wasn't interested in coming to see me today, sitting looking sternly at me as I called as if to say, yeah, I should cocoa.

Back to the house, fed dogs, washed up, made myself a coffee and just sat in the conservatory-come-huge porch and felt the sun on my back, watching the birds on the feeders, and then the Grey Squirrel came, and there was nothing to hear except bird song, particularly a huge Wood Pigeon, whose call I absolutely adore, and I thought this is the closest I've come to bliss in a long time.

Went back to check that Daisy and co were still settled in the field, and then saw the female kitten in the window of the barn, so funny, glad I took the camera, then the other two cats posed for me too, the sunshine has such an effect on them it seems!

Came home and reality hit in, after I'd just fussed and cooed at those cats, found that one of the bloody things that comes in my garden had killed one of my mice. It was laying under the cover near the hog's dish, minus its back end, with guts hanging out. Poor, poor little thing. It wouldn't be so bad if the sodding cat had killed it to eat, but they just do it in play, and I can't tolerate that. So no wonder there was no sign of any mice on the cam last night, the cat must've been outside in wait.

And to end on a happier note, I went out front and saw that the Blackbird hen wasn't on the nest in the bush, and saw four sleeping little babies had hatched! Yay, hope to god they will be safe from you-know-what. That will just do me in if they get mashed too.

First time I've got all the lambs and mums together in one place!


Bernie in the tree

Bernie keeping an eye on the nest

I was a bat in a previous life...

Awww, look at his little pink thumb

Give us a kiss!

Why is the sky so blue?


oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful morning, Mary, lol. Love the pictures. That squirrel is a joy to look at. What a bushy tail he has.

Pete said...

hello mary :D

nice photos

Janine said...

Awwww cute baby blackbirds and lovely little lambs.