Monday, 9 November 2009

Another quick update

Below are a few photos from the farm, plus the last two, one is a Woodpecker on my living room window peanut feeder, lousy I know through the net curtains, but wow, I was 2 feet away from him and he didn't see me! Erm, last is for Emma fans.

Okay so here's the bad news, mum was taken into hospital at 1am Saturday, had fallen over again, having had the doctor out to her during the daytime and who didn't think she was ill enough, yeah right, so much for having any faith in the NHS, just a locum doing the rounds, never seen my mum before or knew the slightest thing about her. She then fell and couldn't get up off the floor in the night and had to bang on the neighbours wall. So I have had to arrange someone else to do the farm and my animals and am going up on Wednesday to try and sort things out. It's a nightmare. Something that I knew would happen one day I suppose but just tried not to think about. She can't look after herself, her house is freezing cold, and I've got my work cut out I think trying to get things sorted as quickly as possible. Sod's law that this should happen now, the only month of the year when I'm tied up with looking after the farm, plus I have a cold myself and don't feel brilliant. Shit.