Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday - the rain just got worse

Weather absolutely horrendous today. But I'd made up my mind I was going to Llanelli shopping so didn't care really. I had a £7 voucher from Tesco's burning a hole in my purse, it had to be used up by 7th July, and if you spend £50 at the moment, you get 5p off a litre of fuel too, so a double whammy. I very nearly didn't go though, there was thick fog here first thing, and the torrential rain, but I guessed it would just be hanging around our valley, and I was right. I went the long way to Llanelli though and stayed off the M4 because of the spray. Turned out okay over there, a few drizzly showers, but nothing too terrible, didn't get wet dodging from shop to shop anyway. I ended up browsing in HMV, not a thing I do too often, and good job too, because I bought £35 worth of DVDs! We (Em and I) had a McDonalds (naturally) and I took her for a short walk on the grassy bits. I had a very embarrassing moment coming out of Tescos, something in my shopping set off the alarm. Cringe. Security Guard going through all my stuff, and people looking at me, well I had a clear conscience, so wasn't unduly worried, and correctly guessed that the Smoke Detector I'd bought hadn't had the security tag removed. Durr!

OMG, as I am typing this, I have the webcam on to see if my hoggies come tonight, and a frog or toad has just trundled across the screen! Which brings me nicely onto my first photo, last night, my little mouse was darting and diving around and taking stuff from the dish, and I could see his little eyes just off to the left, where he was sitting in my plant stand and eating the stuff.

On the way home, decided I needed to call into Lidls so ended up taking Emma round the reservoirs for a walk, it was drizzly but didn't get wet cos of the trees. Had a good day out, enjoyed myself, I just love spending money.... ;)

A summer's day in Wales.... the water lilies looked nice anyway.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I could have throttled Emma at 2am this morning after less than two hours sleep when she was woof woof woofing in the hall and wanting to go out. I opened the door very carefully, with the porch light on, as I always wait to check if there's a hog at the dish, and there was. So I had to let her out anyway incase she was desperate, so the little sod ran out and started barking on the lawn. Then I saw why, there was another poor hoggy just about to come into the porch too. So I have two! Well at least I did, I just hope she hasn't scared it off now. They are both really big hogs, and no paint marks, so guessing they are newbies on the block, unless the paint wore off of course from last summer. Still not Ryan or Snuffles though. :(

Anyhow, today, I had a good chat with my new neighbour, she doesn't seem so bad after all, I think she just has a strange sense of humour! She is 82, her name is Marguerita (guessing the spelling) and she is originally from Spain. The dog is lovely, friendly, named Tim, so I'm not too worried about him, seemed keen on Emma anyway! He doesn't get taken for walks apparently, so maybe I can do that sometime if we all get on. They still don't know when she is moving in, her son is having to do a fair bit of work in the place for her, the floors are all uneven - the council should've done that surely? She can't walk too well and uses a crutch, and they give her a place with half the tiles sticking up off the floor? Typical.

Took some more photos through the window, saw the baby dunnock sunbathing, and a couple of sparrows too on the lawn. Opened the front door to top up the dish in the porch, and caught Dangly Blackie, and he just hopped into my plant thingy looking at me! I think he thought I couldn't see him hiding behind the watering can. He can fly however, he was on the windowsill earlier, so that's a relief.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

First baby Siskin

So cute, on the peanuts by the living room window. Garden is alive with baby birds at present, lots and lots of blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, starlings, jackdaws, robins, blackbirds.

A bit later and...

....he was trying to get in the kitchen window! He went back and forth and then tried to climb up the window frame, and fell off! I was worried sick he'd hurt himself, but needn't have worried, let Emma out a couple of minutes later, and he was in the front porch again!

Having a swinging time...

Monday, 25 June 2007

Worst June day I can ever remember

I just can't believe this awful, disgusting weather! It hasn't stopped raining today, and we have 50-60mph gusts of cold northerly wind. The rain has lashed down, the garden is a squelchy mess, and my plants are ruined. The sweet pea wigwam has had the plants torn off the sticks, my runner bean wigwam also has a couple of sticks wrenched out. My outdoor tomato plants are all dead, they have rotted away. My garden fence looks like it's about to come down, the bush outside the window keeps dipping over and is about to knock my sky dish off the wall. But did this stop Emma wanting to go out? Oh no, not likely. So like an idiot I took her round the park, and we got drowned! And nearly blown over. There's bits of trees down all over the place. And I kid you not, I could have done with gloves on, my hands were frozen. It's an absolute joke.

So all I've done today is some hoovering, and wait for Wimbledon to start, which it finally did about 2.30 I think, but then I was out of course. At least it stopped eventually though up there. And I took some photos through the living room window of poor little soaked baby birds looking for food outside. I keep throwing them some. There's a young Blackbird who appears to have a dangly wing, he's been hiding under the old cover that I used to feed the hogs under by the window, wing doesn't look right at all, and not seen him fly. Had a heart attacking moment when the grass had several baby blue tits,sparrows, baby robin and him down, and a Sparrowhawk appeared and landed on the fence! The birds disappeared like lightening though and the hawk looked around for a minute or two then took off. Couldn't believe it never saw any of them though, I mean it came right over the top of them. Thank goodness it didn't get anything which I was watching though. Photos aren't brilliant because they are through the glass but not too bad. Oh I've got a baby Dunnock too, never seen one before. Quite cute.

Oh well will concentrate on the tennis for a while now, Henman has just come out to play, so will have to turn the volume down to muffle the screams every time he wins a shot....

Mostly Hoggy stuff

The hedgehog is coming most nights now, sometimes not till after I've gone to bed though, but twice now was just about to close down and turn the webcam off and he's appeared. I was dying to know if it's one that came last year, but hadn't wanted scare it off before he'd eaten. So last night, waited until he moved off the food dish to the water bowl, and dashed out to look. So funny cos he had lots of the peanut skins stuck to his nose! Anyhow, no markings at all, and he is HUGE. Much bigger than any that came last year, about the size of Snuffles, but not him sadly. His favourite food seems to be the soaked raisins and then peanuts, but he's also eating suet pellets. Seems a very healthy hoggy, no tics. After I came back inside, he stayed by the water dish for about 15 minutes without moving, I felt awful that I'd scared him that much, I didn't touch him, only looked and talked! Anyway, he finally had a drink and wandered off toward the camera, still with the stuff stuck on his nose! By this time it was 12.20. I had to wait till he went cos Emma wanted to go out, so that would have really scared him.

Weather is horrendous here at the moment, black skies and lashing down with rain again. There's also strong winds blowing from the north, supposed to be gusting up to 50mph, it feels more like March outside. I can't remember a worse June, I really can't and May was nearly as bad. I am so sick of this weather now, my favourite two months of the year gone, and now the nights start drawing in again before we've had any summer. So depressing. Hope its not like it at Wimbledon, at least there will be something to watch on the telly. Doesn't look like I'll be doing much else today.
Awww look at his little leg..

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Another strange thing happened....

Well I thought it was anyway. Yesterday, I went shopping in Morrisons. I keep looking to buy some more flowers or plants to brighten up the front garden, but my heart isn't in it, the slugs are destroying everything, and I don't want to kill them, so it just seems a waste of time and effort right now. So anyway, they had some interesting small topiary thingies in pots, metal frames of cats (no ta) chicken or squirrel. Couldn't decide which one to get, but decided on the squirrel one, because the plant inside was in the better condition. Put in outside with my other bits and bobs. So this morning, Emma yapped in the hallway, and I opened the door to see if someone was out there. And guess what? The squirrel was. The real one I mean! How weird is that. Never before has one to my knowledge come into my front porch. It just looked at me, and then walked away up the front path as if it was an everyday occurrence! Obviously he had found the dish I put there for the hogs, and which I keep topped up all day for the blackbirds and tits.

Well today it has looked like rain all day, grey skies but it did brighten up a bit this afternoon. Took Emma round the Castle at Newcastle Emlyn, haven't been over there for a while now. All the time, I could hear but not see Jackdaws or Rooks calling from somewhere. I mean, loads of them. When I got back to the car, I could see them, there were hundreds, circling above the river, maybe they were finding lots of insects or something. It was a spectacular sight, not really shown up that well in my photo but still. It was on the lines of the Starling roost thing, but on a smaller scale of course.

Came home and cut all the grass which was a nightmare, in some places it was over 8 inches high, the longest it's ever been I think, I'm sure it was only a fortnight since I did it. Still a bit too wet really, but we have lots of rain forecast for the next few days, so had to do it before I needed a machete to get up to the aviary.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday - had a bit of a shock

The weather has been horrendous, the very worst sort of April showers (I know, it's the middle of June) Also cold in my house, have one storage heater on almost full all the time now, and could do with the living room one on really, I'm sitting here now with two sweaters on) The rain has been torrenting down on and off for two days, everywhere is a slimy muddy mess outside once again. I've just had to put my electric fire on for ten minutes to take the chill off. It's only 18c in here and just not warm enough for me when I'm sitting around. I ought to be doing some housework I suppose, but just can't be bothered. Nobody will be coming here for a while so who cares?

Anyway, this morning, went over to the farm to feed the cats, took Emma as I would take her round the fields for her walk again, wasn't sure what else I would be doing today though, probably come back and clean the aviary out or something. Anyway arrived over there, and saw that the side gate to the field was wide open, and thought oh hell whats going on? Then saw a Land Rover in the field! OMG. Got out and the window was open on the kitchen, and the door opened to reveal the mum of the couple who are buying the place! Well it was a relief to be sure, but all the same a bit of a worry. To cut a long story short, the purchase went through yesterday (after I'd left apparently) the Estate Agent had phoned them to tell them to go and collect the keys, and they started moving in yesterday afternoon! Nobody had told Irene! I will have to call her "she" cos I can't remember her name (I did meet her before when I showed them round for Irene when she was away) She invited me in for a cuppa, and we had a chat about everything, and all is well. Irene's solicitor needs hanging up by the balls to put it mildly, what a unbelievable mess! Anyway, phoned Irene on my mobile, then she rang me back about an hour later and confirmed that it's all okay, no panic, she has the money! Thank god for that. Nobody had bothered to let her know though, I blame the estate agent too, he phones the purchasers to tell them to collect the keys, but doesn't phone Irene to let her know it's all okay, knowing how worried she was? WTF is that all about? Bloody disgusting.

Anyway, that's my services no longer needed anyway. Just got a couple of bits of mail to forward to her now, the rest should be re-directed by the Post Office from tomorrow. So I took Emma round the park in Llandysul for her walk instead (well, there's a surprise *sarcastic smiley*) in the pouring rain (*no surprise smiley*)

Got home, opened the back door to do some grub for the birds, and the first thing that made me smile in a few days greeted me, a Squiz, about 6 feet away, looking at me from the fence! I say "a Squiz" cos I'm not sure it's "the Squiz" because he used to run like hell if he saw me, certainly never got that close, this one stayed put and just looked at me whilst I put food on the feeders and the floor, by then only four feet away. And I had time to come and get the camera, and take photos, and he still stayed put. Ungrateful little git though, took all the trouble of putting food especially for him, but when I looked again, he'd gone!

Oh well, I'd better do something now, been sitting here for more than two hours now, how disgusting in the middle of the day, but it's been peeing down all the time, so don't feel that guilty actually.


Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments, it really means a lot to me to know that people care.

Still felt very sorry for myself yesterday. It helped that I still had to go over to the farm to see to the cats, so it was almost like a normal day, except that the place was empty of course. White cat was waiting for me in the barn, not starving though, still lots of food in the dish. Anyway topped up the dishes, took the mail out of the box - loads for the peole that were supposed to be moving in. Took Emma round three of the fields (Irene said I could)

Decided to take a slow ride over to Ammanford to go to the farm shop there and get some stuff called Megazorb to put on the shed floor of my aviary. It's easier to manage than woodchip, lasts longer, stays put, hides the odours better, much lighter for me to carry too, it's a wood based lightweight recycled papery stuff. Anyway, the worst of it is so far to get any, but a sack lasts a good few months, and I've not been to Ammanford for a long time. Also went in Tescos and got a few bits and pieces, and some lunch, and me and Em sat on the picnic table by the river outside Tescos to eat it. Was quite nice, a bit windy, but warm. Then went in the huge new Wilkinsons and bought some stuff. Anything to kill time and take my mind off things. I was hoping they stocked suet pellets for the wild birds, but no luck, so decided I'd call into Carmarthen on the way home and get some.

Now this is the spooky bit. All day, I had been singing in my head a song from years ago, called On My Own, it was by Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle. I've not heard it for years and years, but for obvious reasons, the lyrics kept running through my head - "on my own, once again....." Obviously this song was about a broken romance, but it was just the words. So I arrive at Carmarthen, and decided to go look in Richleys first (a clothes shop) next door to Pets at Home. I walk in, and guess what is playing ???? Yep. Bloody spooky, how freaky is that? I stood there and didn't know whether to walk out again or try and ignore it, didn't want to look even more stupid than I normally do and start crying. Just to complete my self-destruction, I found it online and downloaded it when I got home so I could sit and sob away to my hearts content. Stupid cow.

Other than that, Irene phoned me to let me know she'd got to her sisters at 9.30pm, had an awful journey (6 hours) weather and traffic horrendous, dogs fine, behaved themselves and slept most of the way. So that was a relief. Just sat here really all evening looking at the forums, I haven't put the telly on since Monday now, not in the mood. I have put my webcam on in the front porch though, and just before 11pm a hoggy came, I knew one was coming, can't remember if I've mentioned before, but all the food went between 12pm and 2 am the other night, so knew it wouldn't be the birds! Didn't bother to do it last night as I went to bed early, but the dish was empty by 10.30! Hungry hoggy. I don't think it's the same one that was coming to the back, couldn't see a white mark and didn't want to disturb it in case it ran off.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Well, it finally happened

Irene has gone. I've rarely felt so down in the dumps as I do right now. Probably shouldn't be doing this blog but still. When you've spent some time virtually every day for the past 3 months with someone, when you've got lots in common, when you've gone to places you'd never have gone on your own, or will be likely to go to again, when you've known someone for over 13 years and been to their home as many times as I have, when you love their dogs to bits, and the time finally came to say goodbye, it was bloody awful. I cried all the way home, I shouldn't have been driving really. And I've tried to busy myself since I got home just after three, but still cried every time I think about it, and am crying now. I've known this moment would be coming for over a year, but it doesn't make it any easier. What also makes it worse is worrying about her, she hasn't eaten or slept properly for days, and it's not like it's all over now. She has gone off because she can't mess about any longer, she had to book the lorries and stable for her horse to be moved else she may have lost the livery place she had reserved, and her son and his mate had to book the lorry to fetch all her furniture. Now she's gone and no phone calls from Solicitors or anything, she doesn't even know if the sale will go through or when, or her purchase. What a nightmare. We were very lucky with the weather for loading up the lorry, it was gorgeous, but now we are having the most horrendous thunder storm here with rain coming down in stair rods, bouncing up feet high in the air. I wonder how far she has got on her journey and weather she has got this to contend with. She had to leave a fair bit of stuff behind in the way of furniture, it wouldn't all go in the lorry, which was awful, and she's never travelled with all three dogs in the car either, a 5 or 6 hour journey depending on the traffic. I shall be going over every day until further notice to feed the two cats she's left behind. The couple who are moving in are going to look after them for her, but they already have cats and dogs, so I wonder what will become of them. They are outdoor cats and there's loads of barns and places for them to go, but I still feel everso sorry for them, but Irene couldn't take them to where she was going, they would have got runover, they are used to being on a farm and out in the fields, not a town with main roads.

Of course we have promised to keep in touch, and visit etc. but I know from previous experience this lasts for a few months normally, and then it gets less and less til one day it's only a card at Christmas.....

Oh well, I guess it's back to my normal boring mundane life from now on, trying to find things to do and places to go with Emma other than round the bloody park, as it's about the only place that is not too remote to be on my own.

Sorry about this today, but I just needed to say it. :(

Sunday, 17 June 2007


Well the rain held off for another day. Went to Irene's and we did the same walk as yesterday, deep into the Forestry. Lots of strange little black winged insects around, with orange bodies, and bright red eyes. We saw them yesterday actually, there was a dragonfly hunting them, but today there seemed to be a lot fluttering around on the floor, dying I think. Must look them up in a bit to see what they are.

Also saw lots of bunnies, and the cutest little baby robin. No sign of the collared dove with the broken beak today, so I guess it didn't survive poor thing. There has been one here on its own this evening, guess it was the male.

Took the next exciting stage of my lily opening, only about 4 flowers now to come out, but two of them have died and fallen off!

Not much else to report today, will be busy next couple of days helping Irene, she will be gone Tuesday lunchtime most likely, but we still don't know what will be happening with her purchasers, so its looking like I will be carrying on over there to feed the cats and collect the mail for a while.

Saturday, 16 June 2007


Hospital in the morning, nipped to Morrisons and Pets at Home, then picked up Emma on the way through to Irene's. She needed some moral support having had an awful morning. Too complicated to put in full detail here, but the Solicitors on her sale need reporting to the Law Society. Absolutely disgusting goings on. She had a phone call from the Estate Agent to say the purchasers were about to set off up the motorway to move in! And she hadn't even seen a contract to sign yet! Anyway, things have moved along now, and she spent half the night downloading a contract from an email sent at 9 pm last night, printing it off, and then I had to go over and witness her signature and she posted it off first thing this morning with guaranteed delivery on Monday. So her horse and half the furniture are going tomorrow, her sister is coming up with the horse box. Then on Tuesday, her son has hired a removal lorry and the rest of the stuff and her will be going then. Absolute chaos, as she won't be able to move into the place she is buying for 28 days after exchange! So her furniture is going into storage and she is going to live with her sister.

Apart from that, the weather was horrendous yesterday, it rained like we've never seen before, the road was a running river, hailstones bouncing three feet in the air, water flooded under her back door, thunder, lightening, power cuts. I came home expecting devastation to the garden but it looks like we didn't get it so bad here, my lilies were still in one piece anyway.

Today didn't turn out too bad, no rain, no wind, bit grey, but the sun broke through a few times, and we got to do the longest walk yet in the forestry. Most pleasant. All change tonight though, it's about 9c outside and am feeling cold, and have just made a hot chocolate to warm up, two jumpers on, and the hall rad has been on for the past few nights, I mean this is the middle of June ffs! Feel shattered too, as I only had about 5 hours sleep last night, and am going to have an early night I think. Going over tomorrow to see what I can do to help, and again on Tuesday, which will be the last time I shall see her in a while. Feeling very fed up now that it's all definite and she is going.

When I got back teatime, there was a Collared Dove hanging around the back door, most unusual, they normally tear off as soon as they see me, well she just flew up on the fence a few feet away looking at me. So I got the camera, took a few photos and when I zoomed in, could she she has a damaged beak. It's been breaking my heart because she can't eat. I have watched her trying to pick up food, but it seems it won't open at all. She must have flown into a window I think. Had one here a couple of years back that had done the same, smashed its lower beak through the upper and was slowly starving to death, managed to catch it when it was near death, and had it to the vets, but they couldn't fix its beak, and it had to be put to sleep. Couldn't catch this one though, and she has gone off somewhere with her mate tonight. Poor bloody thing. There's lots of baby blue tits around, got a picture or two of one on the peanuts earlier. There were four red kites circling tonight too, which was a lovely sight.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


Briefly, well that is the general idea, but I am out tonight again at the windfarm gathering, and I need to do stuff, like take a shower, feed the pets and me etc.

Pat has been here today whilst she had her car in for service, so we had a good old catch up chat, lunch, took the dogs round the park in Llandysul (in the rain, AGAIN!) Came home to find two cars outside - my new neighbour is about to take up residence. At first I thought, oh good, it's an old lady with a stick. But having spoken to her, not so sure now. She seems a bit weird. Like very outspoken, domineering almost. I am nearly always right with first impressions. She has her son helping her in there now, cleaning and stuff. Not sure if he's moving in too, she is foreign, sounds like she could be Italian, Spanish, Polish even, he speaks with an English accent though so has obviously been here a long time. The worst thing is she has a dog. Well, you know me, I love dogs, but she has put the fear of god up me. It's sitting in the car now, and it's bloody huge. It is also not very friendly, it tries to bite people apparently, especially postmen, and "it will jump your fence and come into your garden" Her words. So I said "well how are you going to cope with that then, you will have to put up some high fences won't you?" "I don't know". Just what I need. So now I have to fear for Diddy's life, won't be able to put out my guinea pigs anymore etc. Or I will have to install 6 foot high fences all round by the sounds of it. And it may even be able to jump them if it felt like it I think. It's supposedly a lurcher cross, looks more like a german shepherd cross to me, it has terrier in it too according to her, so will be a killing machine I guess. My worst fear was that someone would move in next door with a cat, as I just knew I would fall out with them over killing birds and crapping in my garden. I hadn't envisaged this. I know I am the world's biggest pessimist, but shit, this is all I needed. :(

Well I have to leave it there else I won't get done in time now. Oh and sorry I haven't been around much on chat, well not at all really, but I am enjoying very much the Britains Got Talent show which is on for two and a half hours every night (if you switch to ITV2 after the main one) and of course Springwatch, and dashing out to shut the birds in etc. Just want to concentrate on my telly.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Not much to report today, just went to Tescos with Irene, MacDonalds for lunch, took Emma round the park in Llandysul this afternoon, and of course it waited till I was the furthest distance from the car until it started to rain. Not too heavy luckily though, but glad I wore my jacket, even though I was a bit too hot. Emma of course didn't care as she was already soaked from sitting in the river!

The local paper has the front page full of the flash flood they had in Lampeter on Monday, looks horrendous, water two feet deep rushing through the street, and cars driving with it halfway up their doors! It rained quite heavily in Carmarthen too whilst we were in Tescos, but once again, we've had hardly any here.

The Blaengwen Wind Farm protest group, of which I am actively involved has a two-page article in the Carmarthen Journal too, which hopefully will rally a bit more interest and support from the people of the local area. I'm not holding my breath though. You can read about it here -

One bit of slightly good news, Irene's move/completion day for Friday looks like it won't be happening. Poor woman has had so much hassle you wouldn't believe, she was prepared to move out and put her furniture into storage rather than lose the sale as her purchasers wanted to complete before the bloke she is buying from, but the solicitors sound like they need a rocket up their arses and haven't got things done in time, they are still sending enquiries to be answered, she hasn't even had a contract to sign yet. She just has to bide her time now and hope that the whole lot doesn't fall through. They say house purchase is the third most stressful thing in your life. Not kidding. I do feel sorry for her, although I am pleased too because it means a bit longer having someone to do stuff with .

Other than that, the excitement of the day has been my beautiful Song Thrush putting in an appearance in the back garden, and then posing on the fence for me to get a few nice pics, and my lily bursting forth with yet more blooms! There's still another 19 flowers to open on it, but its about half way now. I think some will die off though before they all open.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Bit of a mixture

Well a few days to catch up on I guess, nothing very exciting though, but have taken a few photos so best put some stuff.

Erm Sunday went to Irene's (for a change...!) boiling hot day, so took the dogs to the woods in Lampeter where it would be cooler.

Yesterday, spent a day at home doing some jobs. Nothing getting done here lately and although I enjoy, and prefer to be out and about, I still feel terribly anxious and irritated if things get on top of me here. So I cleaned out all the pets, cut the grass, and strimmed, all of which took around 4 hours. Dripped with sweat, it was very, very close and sticky, but not complaining. I also decided I needed to re-fill my water butt (which is in fact an old plastic dustbin) It hasn't rained substantially for a while and was down to the last few inches of sludge in the bottom. So I rinsed it out, and left the hosepipe slowly filling it up whilst I cut the grass. Kept checking the level, and after about an hour, it was near enough full. Then I looked down, and the bloody thing had sprung a leak, a one inch slit right at the bottom, and the water was spraying out like a soda syphon! Typical of my luck. It waited till it was full! Luckily, I have another dustbin which I wasn't using, so had to bail the water out into this, move the half full one out of the way, and then the new half full one back under the drain. What a palaver!

Anyhow, decided I'd best go down the village and walk Emma round the park, and pop into the pet shop for some bits and bobs. I wanted some more runner beans too (she does garden centre stuff as well) Got nearly there (it's only 4 miles away) and couldn't believe it started raining. And boy, did it rain, it torrented down! I got drowned running from the car to the pet shop, about 50 yards, and back again. Decided pointless waiting for it to stop and I'd left the guinea pigs out in the garden, so drove all the way home again, and found it dry as a bone! In fact it was from about a mile out of Llandysul. Sun still out, I couldn't believe it. It did eventually rain here about two hours later, but only for about half an hour, and only light rain, not enough to wet the grass hardly. There were flash floods in Llandysul, and in Lampeter, they had to shut a school today, because it got flooded, along with someone's house! How amazing is that? And we didn't get any to speak of. What strange weather.

Okay now to today. Went to Irene's and it was a lot cooler and greyer today, but still pleasant enough. Had some lunch and then decided to take the dogs to the forestry. Drove our normal route and I noticed that there were two blokes in a car behind us all the way there. Hoping they would be carrying straight on the main road, but they didn't - they followed us into the forestry car park. I didn't like it much, and neither did Irene. We sat in the car and waited, and they got out, looking in our direction but walked off down the track. Sorry, but I am suspicious of men who walk in out of the way places without a dog, or they don't look like hikers, carrying no equipment of any kind. So we drove out again, and went to another bit of the forestry that we haven't been to before, and it was a good decision. Had a lovely peaceful walk. Lots of beautiful trees, good views, although it was a shame it was a bit hazy in the distance, but we were high up and it was like looking down from an aircraft in some places. The trees had lots of rain drops hanging on them from the showers we had yesterday. We saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a baby Song Thrush which looked like it was on it's maiden flight, and lots of lbj's! (Little brown jobs for the uninitiated!)

Had to take a photo of my beautiful lily again outside in the tub, there are 35 blooms either already open or about to open, fantastic plant, it's the fifth year I've had it in that pot, and have never done a thing to it, what a bargain.

There was a baby blue tit hanging on the peanut feeder outside the kitchen window too, very cute.

So a bit of a marathon post I'm afraid, but I seem to be so busy lately, what with helping Irene, trying to get things done here, the windfarm meetings and complaint letter writing, and good stuff on the telly (there have been some amazing acts on Britain's Got Talent,) have to get this done when I can!