Saturday, 19 April 2008

Even more...

Yesterday, the farmer who uses the fields to the side ran his whole flock of sheep through the yard, driving them with a dog and quad bike, to another field round the back. Nice to watch actually. Anyway, when I went up this morning, I saw there was a sheep still in the original field, on its own, right up by the bank, far end. Oh no, I thought, not again, like the one I had to chase before to get back to the herd. Well, it would be out of the question of course this time, I couldn't drive it out of the field, down the lane, through the farmyard, and I didn't even know where the other flock was exactly. Anyway, when I went back up at lunchtime, said sheep was in the same place. So I thought even more oh no, is it sick/caught in something/dying? So after I'd already walked the dogs round three fields, I trudged the extra quarter of a mile in the field behind where this one was to see if I could do anything. Answer? No. Why? See below.

Aww, not been born long, mum still has some yucky stuff hanging out of her. It does concern me that the farmer doesn't seem to bother, I mean this was lunchtime, it's been there all night, presumably he knew she was about to lamb, that's why she was left, and yet it appears that he hasn't been anywhere near. I guess they do survive out on the moors unattended, but seems a bit uneccessary to me to leave it like that when he has the facilities. Just can't be bothered I guess.

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Janine said...

Aww cute lamb. Thats awesome that you got so close to that kite. Do you think he is accustomed to being fed?