Friday, 30 May 2008


I asked Alan if he wanted to meet me for a picnic today, just for an hour or so, and walk Emma round the reservoirs, as he didn't know about them. The forecast was warm (18-21c) and sunny with some cloud, on all three websites I looked at last night.

So this morning, made the sarnies and general picnicky stuff, he was bringing the coffee. Met him outside one of the shops (as I had stuff to do first) at 12.30. We drove to the reservoirs, parked up, took Emma for the walk round first as it was still a bit early to eat.

Saw Mrs Duck from the photo below, couldn't believe how many chicks she had, must be close on a record. I counted 14, Alan reckoned 16, so maybe we shall compromise at 15! Anyway, couldn't get any closer without her taking off in a panic, she was already starting to get in the water, and I only had the nokia with me.

So we get back to the cars to get out our grub as the first few spots of rain fell...

Walked back to the bench, got out the sarnies etc and a few more spots of rain fell...

By then it was getting quite heavy, but undeterred we carried on. Coffee poured, Emma sitting hopefully, already wet from going in the water, but getting wetter by the second. Alan so gallant, put his coat around me and took the brunt of the rain, I was also sort of under a tree so wasn't getting it too bad.

Anyhow, the rain got steadily heavier and heavier, and in the end it absolutely torrented down. By then I was collapsed into hysterics! Our coffee cups were filling up faster than we were drinking it! Alan was soaked to the skin, water running off his head. My jeans were like painted on blue leggings. We finally had to admit defeat and ran for the car, the pathway was by then under about 3 inches of water too lol!

Got in the car and I tried to dry Emma as best I could. By then another couple of cars had turned up, hoping to take their dogs for a walk too. We sat there talking for a while and the car steamed up so I said it looked like we were up to something haha!

Anyway, left for home eventually (and we weren't up to anything, honest) and couldn't believe it, the rain came down so hard on the way back I had to have headlights, fan blower on windscreen, fast speed wipers, the lot, water running like a river in places. Got within 4 miles of home and the roads were practically dry. Got home expecting my washing to be soaked and it was dry! How amazing is that. I mean I am talking only 10 miles away all this happened!

A spooky thing too. I unpacked my shopping, thinking I must phone Alan and tell him, he won't believe it. I then thought, oh, I'll just get the washing in, just do the bird feeders, just do a cuppa, then I'll phone him, so we are talking a delay of about 25 minutes. So I picked up the phone, rang his number, and just as he answered I got a text message from him. He had pressed Send for the text at exactly the same time as I pressed the last digit of his phone number, to tell me the same thing - it was dry at his place (he's 10 miles the opposite way to town) I'm sure we have some weird sort of telepathy. I mean, I've never, ever phoned him in the daytime, and he's never, ever sent me a text in the daytime. Oooer!

So he's coming over for the weekend, to help me with my fence panels, and some stints up at the farm. I have 8 days now to do, so will be busy as you can imagine, so don't know when or if I will be blogging or chatting....

Got to get all the housework done now, ain't done any this week, naughty. Good job no Springwatch tonight!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Great Weekend....

I've just had a wonderful weekend, despite the weather. Been lovely to have some company for a change, able to share all sorts of experiences.

Sunday we went to a large indoor market, which was absolutely thronging with people because of the awful wind and rain, everyone was looking to find things to do in a sheltered place. Luckily by about 1pm it stopped raining, and we went into Tenby and had a look round. I've not been there for a few years, it's a lovely town, loads of different shops, had a sit outside with a coffee and a large slice of yummy cake (my diet has gone to pot this past few days, but the good news is that I've not put on any weight, yay!)

Monday we just went up to New Quay and had fish and chips sitting in a shelter. Everywhere packed out again. The wind was unbelievable, and could hardly stand up walking back up the hill to the car. We then went down to Llanina Woods, and took the walk up through the footpaths to the picnic site and then round the walkway. Didn't bother with photos there though because I've done it a few times before on my blog.

Today just popped down to the local builders merchants and ordered two fence panels as the two I didn't renew earlier in the year have now virtually had it, one is hanging by a couple of rotting slats before it goes over completely. We then took Emma round the park in Llandysul and I didn't have to wear a coat, blimey!

Said goodbye to Alan and then shot up the farm as I had to see Kate, she is away tomorrow and Thursday am, so I am doing an extra shift at the farm before I do the 8 days commencing this coming weekend.

I had some awful news from her. We had the horrendous wind yesterday as mentioned, and the red kite's nest was smashed out of the tree. Just by pure fluke, Kate found out because of walking the dogs up the lane at 4.30-ish, and saw the nest in the lane, and one chick still alive and apparently uninjured. How, I don't know, the nest must have been 30 feet up at least. The good news is that the chick was quite big, almost ready to fledge. They searched everywhere but couldn't find any more chicks. Phoned the RSPCA who had a recorded message about leaving birds where they are, well completely impossible in this instance, the parents would not have kept coming to it on the ground, and one of the cats would have got it anyway. So long story short, a guy from the local Red Kite group came and took her away (it's a hen) and is very hopeful that they will be able to re-locate her in another kite's nest - apparently Kites will accept another chick in their nests, which is amazing. Anyway, they will ring her (the chick) and are going to let Kate know when they are going to place her in another nest and we can go and watch, which will be fantastic. We searched again this afternoon to see if there was any sign of another chick but couldn't find anything. The poor parent birds are circling all the time looking for their chick. So sad, but at least it was saved, fingers crossed anyway that the news will be good.

Only other thing to note was we had SIX hedgehogs here at the same time the other night - 5 on the main cam at the same time, and one in the porch, keeping out of the way (think it was Squirt) The others were all pushing and shoving, was quite comical.

Photos from Tenby below.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Just now ....

So funny watching them, no hostilities though, just lots of bouncing. Can hear the dish bashing against the wall outside. Weird that they are just about 6 feet away from me the other side of the living room wall!

Both went out of camera shot, now only one back. Can't see any paint marks on either of them, so looks like I have two more new ones, which will mean maybe 8 so far this year.

The fifth pic is Squirt, he's just arrived, definitely wasn't one of the other two here just now, can clearly see the paint on his left side, and he has a darker face.

Next, spoke too soon about no hostility. One hog just returned and given poor Squirt a right bashing. It was Jack! The last one I marked, he has barged and bashed poor little Squirt, and he's all curled up in the dish right now, dish has been moved, he's now uncurled and couldn't get out again, lol. He's got sultanas stuck all over his side on his spines! Doesn't seem bothered though, now tucking in again. Shame they are coming so late and none of you lot are around, it's not dark enough here though for them to appear until after about 10.30.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

So busy

Haven't had a moment to do anything other than the bare essentials for a few days, and that's set to continue. I love it!

Sunday went to Llanelli shopping for a change, then took Emma on the beach on the way back. On phone to mum for an hour, then Alan for two hours. Not getting to watch much telly lately!

Monday cut all the grass, cleaned out the animals, then went up the farm for the normal lamb feed and dog walk about 4.15. Found out that the sheep were being sheared around 7pm and offered to help, mainly because I wanted to see how it's done. Had a sandwich and coffee and the guy arrived about 7.15pm. We had already moved hurdles and made pens out of various gates etc to drive the main flock from the field. It was great helping, I was carrying the warm fleeces as they came off the ewes to Kate on the other part of the barn and she was rolling them and stacking. It was great to see how skilful Aled was, what a filthy job though, poor guy got covered in poo!
Finally got home about 9.40, had to feed the Guineas, Emma, shut birds in, do hog and mice food. Didn't sit down till gone 10 o'clock. Mind you thats pretty much like it most nights now because it being light so late, too much to do outside, it's nice watching the Swifts flying. On phone to Alan again only half an hour though as was a bit late!

Today out shopping for about 4 hours, back in time to unload, make a cuppa then up the farm for tea time. On phone to various people again, lol, my phone has never had so much use! That's because I've signed up for the free evening and weekend calls with BT though!

Looked up earlier and there was a Gt Spotted Woodpecker on my peanuts right by the living room window. Wow, never had one that close before.

Tomorrow meeting up with Barry and Christine for a day out, Thursday going to my friend Pat's, have to help Kate with the animals both evenings though, and she's making me another delicious Lasagne, yum.

And the very best news, Alan is coming home on Thursday night, but staying at his dad's but I will probably be seeing him on Friday. Yay. :o)

Friday, 16 May 2008

Quick update

Ooops time flies when you're having fun, can't believe another week has flown by.

Well haven't really much to say, just usual stuff being going on, lots of hog activity on the cams at night, some so funny when three hogs appear round the main dish and much bouncing and jiggling goes on, no fighting and pushing though. Haven't seen Cass for a few nights now, but Squirt and the one I marked on the rear end but didn't really name have been tonight, I think I shall call this one Jack, as in Jumping Jack, hope it's a boy then.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, after several days of hot hot hot weather and summer clothes, it's back to winter now, sitting in here with two thick jumpers on freezing. Last night had to light the log fire, but couldn't be bothered tonight. I had the oven on for over an hour cooking my wonderful, wonderful, evening meal that Kate made for me - the most delicious Lasagne and garlic bread, which I ate with some salad and some French dressing that she gave me too. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life, it makes me realise how crap the ready meal version of lasagne really is! Anyway, the oven warmed the place up a bit, but not much. I shall have to put the storage heaters back on tonight, as it shows no sign of warming up much for a while again. sigh.

Other news, bit down in the dumps as Alan is away for two weeks, and already counting the days till I see him again. I didn't want it to happen this quickly, if at all, but I have really fallen for this guy. He didn't want to take the job working away because of me and us. The work may last up to 4 months, which will be hell, may only see him for a weekend a month or something. We have some really spooky coincidence things that happen for us, really obscure stuff that you would think couldn't possibly happen to two people but they have. Bit hard to explain, but one thing is my dad and his mum both died on 20th December, not the same year but still. And the way we think the same on a lot of things that most people wouldn't. Tonight, I was missing him, and thought I'll look at his photo, and the second I clicked on it on my pc, my mobile phone went and a text came through from him. Just weird stuff like that. Neither of us had eaten sweets or mentioned them, and yet last Saturday, I got out a packet of mints and offered him one when we were walking, and he had the exact same thing in his pocket, never normally buys them either. Sort of telepathic things I guess you could call it.

I may be going round Helen's tomorrow, someone from Cardiff University is coming to interview some of us about our views on the wind farm and turbines, should be interesting, but I don't fancy being filmed, omg! It's only for the Uni though, not for general broadcast, but still embarrassing, but she needs some support I don't think many other people can come. Hope it doesn't go on too long tho, the FA Cup final is on tomorrow!

Got one pic of Emma to finish with, this was taken on a lovely walk I had with her and Alan on Tuesday in the woodland just along from his house, interesting site of an old brickworks in there with some underground kilns and remains. Was nice.

Monday, 12 May 2008

The weekend

Just had one of the best weekends ever, lots to do and great company to do it with! Weather fabulous too. On Saturday we walked along with 23 other people on the local mountainside. About 5 miles in all, and with a short break for a drink and a rest, we were out about 3 hours. The views were magnificient from up there, and the place was swarming with cute little Welsh mountain ponies, several with foals. Great people to walk with and chat too. Can't wait till the village does the next one. I joined two years ago to be able to meet some new people and find local places where I could walk Emma. Only been on one other since last year, because dogs are normally not allowed because of crossing farmland. This time sadly, Emma would never have made the journey I don't think, too steep in places, too hot, and too long.

We took her down to the river, my favourite "spooky" place in the afternoon though for an hour or so and she spent plenty of time in the water as usual. Oh and there were cows in the second field, and I said no way, but Alan persuaded me he would protect me, so we managed to do all the three fields. Coming back the bloody things started coming towards us at a fast pace, one was definitely a bull, I damn near poo'ed myself, and ran to the gate whilst Alan showed off his bullfighting technique by removing his shirt and waving it at them. Shame it wasn't red though, lol.

We had a meal out on Saturday evening, walked to that too, so got plenty of exercise that day.

Yesterday we had a lazy morning then went out to Newcastle Emlyn for lunch. It was heaven. Couldn't believe only one of the cafes was open though, but the one that was ended up to be a brilliant choice, as we managed to sit right down by the river and watch the birds, my Muscovy duck is still there, bless him, having a sleep on the other side of the river. The cafe has its own chickens so we were entertained by them, two magnificent cockerels. One of the staff came out and threw some bread rolls to the hens, and it was funny to watch various Jackdaws and Rooks sneaking in their pen and stealing lumps. I love watching chickens, they are so comical when they get something to eat and run off with it! Emma had a lovely walk round the castle and park. We had to shelter under some trees as we had a shower, and could hear lots of thunder in the distance, but luckily managed to avoid the worst of the storm.

I'm not going into personal details here, but suffice to say Alan and I had a great weekend, and I can't wait to see him again. He's everything I wanted in a guy and more.... oh yes....

Friday, 9 May 2008


Had another great day yesterday, I could get to like going for picnics everyday in bluebell woods, in shimmering heat. Wish it could be like it all year round. May is my favourite month of the year, I just love it, especially here in Wales, the scenery is fantastic at this time of year in particular.

So I spent the day with Alan, after having gone for physio on my back whilst he looked after Emma we went to the Falcondale Woods at Lampeter where I've posted on my blog many times, so because of that, I only took one photo of a very hot Emma and the best view of the bluebells.

We had our picnic in the clearing. We did a lot of talking too, and sorted out a few things and I am extremely happy about our situation and hopefully our future relationship.

I spotted the amazing piece of rotting wood on our way back down to the car, it's a dinosaur of course, saw it instantly. Remember last year I found the stick with the dragon's head? Same woodland. Something very strange about that place or me! But Alan saw it too, so glad to have found someone who sees things like I do.

So we came home and I did a mega salad for tea, and he went home full and content I think!

Having a break today, will go up the farm shortly, but it's nice to just sit and chill a bit today, and catch up with the blogs. My apologies if I haven't commented for a while, I do still try to read when I can, but have just been so busy, haven't been using the internet quite so much lately, only the chat facility in the late evenings chatting to Alan. Sorry all, but life must come first. On which point, Alan is over for the day tomorrow and we are going on my local walks group ramble, about two and a half hours around the mountains here, hope the weather is okay, because it dawned foggy and drizzly this morning. The scenery up there will be fantastic and hope to get some decent shots.

The Dragon stick I found last year, still in my plant pot here