Friday, 18 April 2008

Squirt update

Just brought Squirt indoors to check on the tic situation. There was one on him still, but it was dead, shrivelled up but still kind of hanging on somehow. Squirt is a boy. He is so cute, really let me handle him ok tonight, didn't attempt to curl up, let me tickle his tummy believe it or not, awww bless him. Ran off of course when I put him back out. He was engaged in battle earlier with the other hoggy who is at present nameless. Will have to mark him too I guess. He's back right now. No sign of Colin since the sighting last week. Hope he's ok.

A tic-less Squirt, just returned to the dish again at 11pm

1 comment:

oldcrow61 said...

Little Squirt must be feeling great now with all those darn tics gone. Good going Jan.