Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Frank the Robin

Dear little Frank came to ask for his worms earlier today, and having had a couple, decided to sing me a little song to thank me. He sat on the bird table yesterday and did the same but by the time I got the camera, he'd gone, so was thrilled he gave me another chance today. He was only 12 inches away from the camera. Pepper and Sage still around, and I actually think there's maybe another one coming to hand now, but they all look the same except for Frank! He has an almost straight line across the bottom of his red breast, whereas the others have a v-shaped dip.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I'm back

Don't know if I should be doing this now but if I don't it will be put off again.

Just an update really. I took Alan home yesterday after having him here since Saturday week, they let him out of hospital after two days, although they really wanted to keep him in longer for observation, but due to his dad's funeral on the Monday, and him pretending he was now "fine" (sigh) they let him out as long as he had someone with him (me) Was glad to be looking after him though, made me realise how much he means to me, he's a lovely, lovely bloke, one in a million, but boy is he bloody stubborn! He was not "fine" by any means, and still isn't really, although much improved. He still has a constant headache although says it's getting less and less painful. He still has blurred vision in one eye.

The day of his dad's funeral went okay, he managed to carry the coffin along with 5 other family members, but thankfully, it was only from the hearse inside the crem, about 15 yards I guess. Previously to that they held a service in the house, and the guy did go on a bit, and Alan was leaning against me and swaying, I thought he was going to pass out.

Other than that, he did a few things for me here because he was bored, and he had a bad turn on the Tuesday, but wasn't going to say anything to me, I could throttle him at times! I knew though, he went and sat down and I saw him through the window as I was outside doing my bird feeders. He had a searing pain across his head and everything went black. He's been a lot sleepier too, but the weekend just past pretty much back to normal. Wasn't happy about him going home really, but phoned him last night and he has been pottering and sorting after I left him in the afternoon, and has phoned the doctor's as he promised, so will have to see how it goes.

I am so behind with things that need doing here, too numerous to mention in detail, but briefly, MOT on car due, booked for Thursday, if it fails, I am stuffed because it actually runs out on Saturday. Horrible clunk on back wheel and brakes are not good, so feeling anxious of course.

Builders still not finished here. Had another leak on the old pipes, floor and wall not drying out, was getting worse, so they came and put in a complete new run of pipes last week to by-pass the old ones. Soon as it dries out, they will come and do the bathroom floor (could be today, who knows??? ) box in the pipes in the larder and general finishing off, which could involve re-plastering and papering my hall.

Weather bad, although we've missed the worst of the rain thankfully, grass now about 8 inches high though and god knows when it will ever be dry enough to cut again.

Got the farm to do every weekend for 3 to 4 days for the rest of this month, and then from 1st week of October to 1st week of November (the whole month) when we are supposed to be living in. Not sure about that at present although will be spending a lot more time there.

Still feeding the robins and hedgehogs. Think I have all three Robins still but hard to tell, and they aren't coming so often now due to being attacked by one another. Still got Jack and Cass hedgehogs coming, two out of three I marked, although don't put the cam on much now, just happened to see them when I've opened door at night.

Think that will do for now. I maybe will get round to putting up a few photos later only from the Nokia though of a couple of outings Alan and I managed. (Nice one on Sunday to Roman Goldmines, and Friday we had chickens clucking round us at an outdoor cafe!) Must get up and get on now though.