Monday, 9 November 2009

Another quick update

Below are a few photos from the farm, plus the last two, one is a Woodpecker on my living room window peanut feeder, lousy I know through the net curtains, but wow, I was 2 feet away from him and he didn't see me! Erm, last is for Emma fans.

Okay so here's the bad news, mum was taken into hospital at 1am Saturday, had fallen over again, having had the doctor out to her during the daytime and who didn't think she was ill enough, yeah right, so much for having any faith in the NHS, just a locum doing the rounds, never seen my mum before or knew the slightest thing about her. She then fell and couldn't get up off the floor in the night and had to bang on the neighbours wall. So I have had to arrange someone else to do the farm and my animals and am going up on Wednesday to try and sort things out. It's a nightmare. Something that I knew would happen one day I suppose but just tried not to think about. She can't look after herself, her house is freezing cold, and I've got my work cut out I think trying to get things sorted as quickly as possible. Sod's law that this should happen now, the only month of the year when I'm tied up with looking after the farm, plus I have a cold myself and don't feel brilliant. Shit.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Update on the hoggy

Sad news, the lady from the hospital phoned, the little man didn't make it through the night. :(

At least he died in a warm place with his little tummy full of nice food, instead of out in the garden somewhere.

No hogs came last night again, I think they've moved on or also been killed, too early to have hibernated, especially with the mild weather. I'm actually wondering now if a rat could have bitten the little fella, although it would have had to had a very wide jaw, maybe not, only I put my webcam on last night just to see, and the rats were having a field day eating all the food bar the mealworms. I don't want to do anything about them though, as poison is not an option in my book, apart from the horrible way the rats die, it can poison other things too, so a complete no-no.

Apart from that, someone up there has got it in for me I think. I'd been trying to pick the right day to do some washing for ages. This morning, got back from the farm, it was warm, sunny, windy, so went for it. I honestly had only just hung it out, came back indoors and it started to chuck down. Can't bloody believe it. The first time its rained for about 9 days I think.

Oh yeah, and the wind turbines. Nearly forgot to mention the fact that the noise is just bloody awful up at the farm, and I can hear them slightly here in my garden, which is about 1 and a half miles away. The noise can only be described like that of a high-flying jet passing over, but it's constant. And there is also the non-stop che-donk che-donk che-donk in time with the blades rotating, like giant tumble-driers going round and round times ten. Great eh? They sent a survey form to fill in this week, I hope they like my replies, which were polite btw. They say that modern ones are silent and can't be heard against normal background noises. Fine if you live alongside a motorway or in a city, but what background noises are there in a rural farm, half a mile from the nearest road? Sheep, Cows, Birds, and just maybe the occasional tractor in the distance. I wonder how these government officials who are pro on-shore windfarms covering half of Wales would like them in their back garden? It's all about money sadly. The farmers are rubbing their hands with glee at the money they are getting for them on their land. And we are supposed to be beside ourselves with joy at the local community getting a £75,000 grant. Whoopee.

Sitting here very despondent about things, I need to sort something out about my mum, but apart from phoning a few people, I just can't do it from here, but I can't be in two places at once, and although there is the person who can stand in for a couple of days, I would need to get someone to do my animals too, and I doubt she could do that, she has a farm of her own to look after. Sigh. I've just got so much to do here too, I need to go to the docs and dentist myself, stuff needs to be done on the car, the house is filthy, and I just feel like going to bed and forgetting it all, hoping it will go away. :(

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Not a good day...

Been one thing after another, firstly, I put the uneaten hedgehog food dish out under the bush by the kitchen window, so that Jakey the Blackbird could eat it. Looked out about 11.30am to see a small hedgehog in the dish. Oh no. For those who don't know about hoggies, if you see one out in daylight, it means it's probably not at all well. So I went out and could see before I even got there that he was shaking and wobbly. Picked him up and he didn't even attempt to curl up, his eyes were only just open, and he was very cold. Brought him indoors, out with the heat pad, put in carry box with towels and food. I weighed him, 350gms, and he measured only 19cms. Couldn't see anything actually wrong with him though but did seem a bit dehydrated.

Anyway to cut a long story a bit shorter, phoned the lovely lady who is my nearest hedgehog rescue, I took one to her about 3 years ago, and she said to bring him over. Was 34 miles door to door, but it was in his best interests, as she has all the facilities there and medicines etc. After examining him and getting some fluids down him, she was checking to see if he had any ticks, and found a wound by his ear, looked the other side, and there was an even bigger one on the other side. Poor little bugger, something had obviously tried to pick him up by the head, and bitten him. We suspect cat or maybe next door's dog, I have my suspicions about both possibilities. Prospects of him making it not bright, but she promised to let me know, if he hadn't improved overnight, she would take him to the vets tomorrow.

Next, on the way home, an imbecile farmer-type in his land rover hit a beautiful cock pheasant on the edge of the road. He only had to brake slightly or turn his wheel about an inch to avoid, but made no attempt to do so, the poor thing was practically on the grass verge, but just got caught. I stopped and got out and he was still alive, couldn't see any breakages in legs or wings, and I held him to me and tried to soothe him, but after about 3 or 4 minutes, he did the death-flap and died in my arms, I was bloody distraught, lots of cars passed by whilst I was there and gave me looks as if I shouldn't have stopped where I did. Well tough shit. I can't just ignore things like that I'm afraid. I carried him over the bank and buried him under some leaves in a wood, to stop anything else being run over whilst they preyed on his poor body.

My mum not been doing too well. She's not eating, not drinking, and has been sleeping in the living room chair for two days by the sound of it. She really needs some care and help but it's like bashing your head against a brick wall trying to get anything done by her council, the doctors don't want to know, nor do the carers. I am going to ring Age Concern tomorrow and see if they can help. Why did this have to happen when I have the farm to do, another 20 days yet. I have the number of someone else who can step in to do a couple of days but I need to go up there for a couple of weeks by the seems of it and start chucking my weight about a bit, maybe they will take notice then. Grrrrr. Bloody authorities.

Anyway, pics of the little hoggy, fingers crossed for him. and a bit gruesome, the poor dead pheasant. :(

Monday, 26 October 2009


I was just sitting watching the telly, and I saw something out of the corner of my eye, small and dark scuttle along the skirting board and go under my display cabinet. Mouse I thought. WRONG! Toad! Bloody Nora. How on earth, how long has it been here that is the question. Thinking back, have heard a few strange noises from various places for a few days now, thought it was coming from outside, hedgehog normally, but I've a feeling he's been in here a few days at least. I've been finding water droplets on my kitchen worktop in the morning for instance.

I had to get a broom and chivvy him out from under the cabinet, and then remove a few cobwebs and bird feathers lol. Put him out the back garden near my greenhouse and the little pond I've got up there. Hope he will be okay.

Emma was petrified lol

The Farm, Day 2

Photos below taken this morning, it was beautiful up there and I was walking round marvelling at the wonderful surroundings. Amazing weather which made it so pleasurable. Fed the cattle, sheep, dogs, cats, walked and drank coffee outside.

The most amazing thing that happened was that as I was walking round my favourite field (the one with the two oak trees pictured below) between that field and the one with the horses, there is a wide, fenced ditch. The dogs had been running up and down excited and sniffing and then calmed down, they have a habit of chasing squirrels so guessed it was that. However, I picked up my camera (well my mobile phone which I use all the time now) to photograph the horses, and a beautiful fox jumped up in front of me and ran like hell, he was literally only 5 or 6 feet away, the closest I've ever been to a live one. I had seen one up the farm twice recently, but not that close, wow, it was fantastic. Good job the fence was there else I would have lost Skye and Barra (Emma didn't come, she is too lazy lately, and stays with the cats in the yard)

Apart from that, had a great weekend with Alan, we went to New Quay Saturday and had the best fish and chips in Wales and nice ice cream, Emma had a walk on the sands and in the sea now dogs are allowed on the beaches again, it was like being at Crufts, the place was full of people with dogs having a great time. We then came back and sat and watched our fave night on the telly, Merlin (fantastic best thing ever on tv, love it to bits) then Strictly, and then the X Factor, shame they clash a bit but thankfully I have Sky+.

Yesterday we did farm together and I did us Sunday lunch up there, was a nice change. Will take me a while to adapt to the clocks altering as usual. Hate it with a vengence, wish they would leave it until December and alter them, it's horrible being dark at 5.30 now, makes such a long evening, and I'm hungry too early, tired too early, grrrrrr!

Mum still not too well, had another couple of dizzy spells, and is such a worry to me, I still hope to get her up here to stay, if she has any more near misses or falls, she wont have a say in it I'm afraid, I shall just go get her and fetch her up whether she likes it or not. I just know once she is here and sees all the lovely scenery etc she will want to live here (well I'm hoping anyway, I would love it.)

Enough for now, time to go up the farm again now, it's looking grim outside now, clouded up and will soon be dark, how depressing...

Beautiful golden colours of the trees, I love looking at them against a blue sky like today :-

The little Dexter bulls (and Emma, showing how brave she is..) : -

Lots of unusual fungi around at the moment -

Emma and her fellow cats... (I'm sure they think she is one of them, so funny at times, seeing as she chases them out of my garden, but accepts these like her best friends...)

Friday, 16 October 2009

An update

Photos below from the farm last weekend. Was beautiful weather, a real indian summer here thank god, which makes up for the rubbish proper one we had. From this coming Sunday, I have 25 days to do in a row. Hope the weather will be as kind. It was great getting back to feeding my Daisy again now they are back on the feed. The new additions which I haven't photographed as yet are 4 little Dexter bulls, very cute and getting tamer. Trying not to get to like them too much as I know what their ultimate fate will be. :(

My mum is improving. Long story now but she had a fall during the night on Sunday,and couldn't get up in the bedroom and had to call an ambulance. She insists that she wasn't dizzy, just stumbled/tripped. She has banged her head and cut her knee but didn't have to go to hospital. The doctor came out to her yesterday and was satisfied, and today she had to go to the surgery to find out the blood test results from last week, and it shows she has a very low B12 count, which is what I have suffered from for about 30 years, I don't retain it and have had to have injections ever since. I wouldn't be at all surprised if my mum has had it this long too, she just would never go to the doctors and its taken something like what has now happened to her to make her realise she is human and elderly. She doesn't eat properly, and lives on sweets and cakes! Anyway she has to go and have injections every two days for the immediate future and her lovely neighbour is running her back and forth as the surgery is about 2 miles from her. She has to keep up the pills for the labyrinthitis and high blood pressure, but she sounded very perky on the phone, I'm ringing her every night to check on her. She hasn't had a sick or dizzy spell since Saturday now so am very hopeful she's over the worst. I'm determined to get her up here to visit soon and she is at last warming to the idea. I'm sure she will love it up here and hope to persuade her that maybe she would like to live near me and see the seaside regularly at least!

Lastly, Alan and I are having another last ditch attempt to save our relationship. I am determined this time to make a go of it, I truly hope we have a future together, I want it very badly and will do all that I can, as will he.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments previously, I will try to keep up the blog from now on, I promise, with as many photos as poss, including Emma of course!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Few Pictures

Heron at Sandy Water Park

Slow Worm in Alan's Garden

The first Wind Turbine on the hillside above our village appeared about 3 weeks back

... and then there were 6, 4 to go (for now, plans are for about a hundred eventually...) Taken today. My home is in direct line with the one second in from the right, about a mile away. My friends farm, where I look after the animals, has one about 200 metres away in a field next to theirs. We are all praying they don't make the awful noise that we have been warned about.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Yuck Yuck Yuck!

Well not really, you see I am one of those weird people who actually think slugs are quite cute. But this monster had to be seen to be believed. Every night before dark I check my greenhouse for the little darlings, otherwise I don't think I would have many tomatoes, cucumbers or beans come the morning. Sometimes I have taken away about 16 of them to the far end of the garden. Last night, I couldn't believe this one, I think it's probably the biggest I've ever seen. Brought him in to measure and he was over 5 inches OMG!

Hmmm, well been a busy few days but today not done much at all, lots that needs doing but can't get motivated, not helped by the fact I've had a splitting headache all day, taken two of my migraine pills now but still not feeling bright. Weather not helping, one minute quite sunny, but gale force wind all day and horrendous sudden downpours, hailstones at one time, unbelievable, it's August isn't it, not April????

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Still here

Just another quick blog, want to try and do this at least weekly.

Mealworms arrived for Frank and he was sitting outside the bedroom window as I drew back the curtains on Sunday morning lol. Didn't see him yesterday though because I was away until teatime, and no sign, so start to worry again. In fact no birds at all then I saw why - bloody Sparrowhawk, sitting as bold as brass in the tree. Grrrr.

Anyway, had a lovely weekend, we went to the Gower on Sunday, and yesterday just popped into Llanelli and walked round Parc Howard. Been there before a couple of times last year, but not seen it with all the flowers in bloom, it was beautiful. Took a couple of pics anyway to show off my Emma for a change. *cough*

Was expecting a heatwave today - the forecast on Sunday said it was going to be a scorcher, 24c for here and 29c for London. Well I guess I should've known better. Pulled back the curtains and its grey grey grey. Instant depression. :(

Oh well at least it's not raining for a change I suppose. Yet.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Frank at last!

Well no fainting please, I know I have been away for a long time, and probably will be again, just never have the time or inclination to do this anymore but a wonderful event happened yesterday and today, and because I took so many photos, just had to do a quick blog. I should actually be outside now cutting the grass which is about 8 inches high in places, sigh.

Anyhow, the event is that my little Frank the Robin had disappeared without trace for around 6 weeks or more, along with all robins actually. I was convinced something had happened this time, but yesterday when I opened the front door he flew at me like he wanted to kiss me, and I felt the same. Moved me to tears, so relieved. Anyway, I was virtually out of mealworms, so hastily ordered some more which may come tomorrow hopefully, and took the chance that he would come back today, and he did. Found me round the back garden this morning and spent most of the morning with me, sunbathing, panting on the windowsill because he was too hot, then going in the holly to cool off, then back again. So much for the bird scarers on the window too, which I put to stop birds flying into the window, he wasn't at all bothered, and laid there so cute whilst I sat next to him with my coffee.

He also came again this afternoon and landed in my little apple tree and I had to explain that I didn't have any worms left and he took a few suet pellets from my hand instead, and some more round the front porch at teatime. It's so rewarding remembering what he was like last summer at this time, a spotty little baby, and that he has retained his trust in me all this time even though there's been months without seeing each other.

Oh well, that's about it for now, I will try to start doing this again more regularly, will be easier once the nights start drawing in a bit again, but theres just so much else to do this time of year.