Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Farm, Day 3

Lots more bird sightings today. Fabulous Great Spotted Woodpecker, on the peanut and fat ball feeders. As soon as I even thought about taking a photo though it was off. Gave up after three attempts. Could hear him hammering in a tree behind the barn though. Also disturbed a Sparrow Hawk (good) The Red Kite was on top of the pole again. I got within about 15 feet of it, raised the camera, and it went, bugger!

I have a favourite lamb. I hope they are going to keep the girls, else I will be even more upset. Trying not to think about Frank. I've named her Daisy, dunno why, just sometimes I look and a name comes to me with animals/birds. It was instantly Daisy. Perhaps they have named them already and it will be something different. She is the quiet one, the only one without any facial or body spots or marks. She sometimes doesn't want her bottle or not all of it. So it worries me. I always go for the weaklings. She isn't putting on weight as much as the others, but think she will be fine. She didn't want any of her last feed last night, but today had all of them okay.

Everything else went very smoothly today, weather fantastic again. Getting into the routine a bit easier now, thoroughly enjoying myself. Last night was so knackered, time I got home and got changed, made a drink, it was gone 9 oclock, went to bed at 10! Trouble was then I woke up way too early, 5.30, and only dozed then, so am going to try my normal time tonight and hope I sleep through. So on that note, yawn....


Daisy again



More donkeys


oldcrow61 said...

Those little lambs are so beautiful. Little angels. I like the picture of the cat as well. Heck..I like them all.

Mary said...

The little lambs are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your farm odyssey!