Thursday, 25 June 2009

Something for Emma's fans

Just a very quicky to try and keep this blog going. Still so busy at this time of year, if I don't make an effort to come on here in the morning before I start, I don't seem to get round to it. Done loads and loads since last time I blogged, best thing was going to the opening of the first new racecourse in the UK for over 80 years, last Thursday, called Ffos Las, about 2 miles from Alan's house, which is handy! Did take a few pics but not gotten round to downloading them off the camera yet, oh dear. Oh and I came home quids up, (and a little hoarse, forgive the pun, screaming your horse on up the straight is something else, along with about 6,000 other people) I won £30 on the last race which quite made my night on a 25/1 outsider! (Have a look here, it's brill - )

With the light evenings now, I am not even putting the tv on let alone the computer, normally outside doing something in the garden, shutting up the greenhouse, gardening, watering the tubs and borders, shutting in the birds, or just gazing upwards watching the swifts and swallows hunting. Then come in time for Alan's phone call about 10 pm.

I start the farm today for 4 days, so expect some more pics of cats, dogs and sheep, they have some newborn lambs popping out from all directions, the mistake of the two rams from last year that weren't castrated properly! Oh and expect the weather to change I suppose....

Anyway, a few pics I took yesterday of Emma on a walk down by the river, my favourite place. Needed to cool off, lovin' this heat, long may it continue.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

More cats and dogs

All taken today, fun in the sun...


Doing a "Pete" here, the sun was a bit too bright on the colour version, so thought I'd try this

Monday, 8 June 2009

Just cats.... (mainly Little)

The remaining farm cats (Bigley has sadly disappeared...)

Little and Shorty

Friday, 5 June 2009

Just dogs ...

At the farm....

Another quicky

So much happened since the last one I did, can't even begin to put it all down now, but I had to post some of the wonderful shots I got yesterday up at the farm. Doing this for 8 days this time, and loving it with this superb weather, hot hot hot! The field alongside the ones I take the dogs for walks in is smothered in meadow buttercups, and I had taken a photo or two of it the other day, but yesterday was thrilled to see the mares and their gorgeous little foals too, so it set it off so well.

Will try and update with some other stuff I've done soon, have taken photos but just been too busy to do this, I didn't even touch my laptop for two whole days last week (shock, horror) Blame it on the weather and the fact that it's light until nearly 11pm at the moment, the only television I have watched in two weeks is Springwatch Hour!

Watch this space.