Sunday, 6 April 2008

More from today

Well the weather turned out lovely, bitter cold wind, but blue sky and sunshine for the most part, had a couple of flurries of sleety/snow which lasted about 3 or 4 minutes but nothing to worry about. I went shopping, needed lots of bits and pieces, and wanted to get a new mp3 player for in the car. The one I have is crap, doesn't hold enough songs, and keeps mucking me about, I don't need the aggro when I'm driving, having to look at menus!

Got everything and timed the journey back to end up at the farm for a walk with Kate, and to feed the lambs.

We took the dogs up the fields, got back to the barn area, and Terence had made up a barricade so that the lambs could come out into the big wide world for the first time, and see grass and sunshine etc. It was so funny, they saw me and Kate and started to run at the fencing. Next thing, two of them were through and came straight to me! They managed to jump through the bars, lol. So Kate was going to feed the dogs, I said I'd go make up the bottles, and then three lambs followed me up the steps and tried to come into the house! They had never seen Emma before, but weren't at all worried about her, they sniffed each other, and Emma was thinking oh these are funny dogs! Anyway, Kate managed to encourage them off, I did the milk, and then we fed them outside for the first time. Terence got the camera and took some photos and they got me to pick up Daisy and he took a photo of me cuddling her. Luckily, she was clean, cos I had my best coat on!

I took a few shots of the pair of Goldfinches on the feeders this morning, only through the window though, but not bad shots really. There are four actually coming now, and I have two pairs of Siskins too, lovely to see them. No Nuthatches or Coal Tits though, ever since they cut the trees down last year. :o(

Well time to plug in the cams and see if the three hedgehogs come back tonight. Have my doubts, it is so cold out there, but then they will need to eat I guess. It was great to see Colin back, so lovely to know that he made it through hibernation. I feel very sad for all the poor little birds and hedgehogs in other bits of the UK today that have had lots of snow.


Pete said...

aw cute hoggy

cmk said...

I absolutely love the pictures of the lambs. But I guess I love pics of most all baby animals. :)

oldcrow61 said...

I love the pictures Jan. That hog is beautiful and the birds are lovely.

Janine said...

The lambs are so sweet! Lovely goldfinch too, they are beautiful birds. I've seen them for sale here as cage birds :(