Saturday, 5 April 2008

There's more...

Firstly, went out to do bird feeders, and there's hog poo everywhere! Either he'e been saving it up and had a lot to get rid of or I do have more than one. Will put the cam on tonight anyway, maybe have to sort out running the two again, although of course, one is pretty useless in the dark, but at least I can make out that there is a hog there lol.

Secondly, I knew I had a pair of Blackbirds nesting in the large bush in the front garden. Been seeing them coming and going for a week or so now. Well I noticed the hen round the back feeding so thought I'd take a sneaky look, the photo below shows the nest with four lovely eggs, bless. I am going to move my cat scarer round there, although I won't be able to cover all the area, but it may help. Not sure which male is her partner, but the hen is the one I was calling Golden Chest, she's one of last years youngsters.

Thirdly, Kate phoned. They got home at 3am, and she is thrilled with all I've done, which is a relief. She wants me to go up this afternoon for a coffee - she's brought me back something from Spain which she thinks I'll like - hope it's a Spanish man. :o)

They are going back in May, so will need me again then, yay, only a few weeks away. It's because they are buying a villa and need to be on hand to sign paperwork etc. The lambs will probably be down to two feeds a day by then though, and will be outside, so not so much work to do. Oh and they will be keeping all the ewes, phew, relief, and they had chosen a different name for Daisy, but said they will keep Daisy, awww.

So now I've run the hoover round, done some washing, so am going to chill till 3.15 and watch the footie on the tv. Can't decide whether to stick with WBA v Portsmouth (come on Harry...) or watch Arsenal v Pepe Reina, erm I mean Liverpool ;o)


Janine said...

Thats a beautiful little nest. Hope all goes well.

oldcrow61 said...

A beautiful picture of the eggs in the nest. Hope things go well for them.