Friday, 4 April 2008

The Farm, Day 6 - last day

Woke up to thick fog, good job it's not far to go, could see about 100 yards though so not too bad really. The Red Kite was sitting in the tree near the nest this morning, so I slowed right down, and it stayed put, so I opened the sun roof and took a pic!

Walked the dogs, what a difference from yesterday, although still not what you'd call cold, but couldn't even see across the field. I took a change of clothes with me, and shot down to Morrisons straight from there. Got home, unpacked the shopping, did my birds, and just had time to grab a coffee before I went back to the farm for the 12 oclock feed. I got Kate and Terrence some milk and bread, and a few apples so they have something to eat and drink when they get back. Had a text from Kate this morning, they should be in the air right now I think on their way home.

Took some last pictures. Feel so sad, I almost wish it was a full time job, yet at the beginning of the week, I thought oh my god how am I going to do this for 6 days? I must admit I still struggled with the first thing bit, getting up there for about 7.45, and then so much to do, and the dog walk was the hardest bit, but I definitely got fitter as the week went on. I shall miss the little lambs, I just hope and pray they will be keeping the little ewe lambs.

Tonight there was a couple of bats swooping around, quite large ones, so not the normal pipistrelles which is what I normally have here.

Oh well, back to normal then next week. I have some stuff I must get done though, my car is in a hell of a state, filthy dirty now, and I have two almost bald tyres on the front! I wasn't getting new ones fitted this week though to travel up and down that farm track, full of potholes and rocks. Brakes are a bit iffy too. Sigh. Need to get to the doctors next week too, and get some housework done. How exciting.

Watched the last episode of Torchwood tonight, a real tearjerker, cried my eyes out lol. Love that programme. Dr Who starts tomorrow but its on so early, will have to record it I guess and watch it a bit later on. Mind you, that really is for kids I think, Torchwood is by far my favourite. So that's all my three best progs now off, Lost, Torchwood, and the Welsh Soap seems to have gone too. Oh well, at least the Speedway has started again on Sky Sports...

The female kitten, still not tame, only saw her twice all week

Biggun, the male kitten, they are now 6 months old. He's such a character, so funny, followed me everywhere, and the lambs were fascinated by him.

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oldcrow61 said...

You made a great job of it at the farm, I'd say. They are so lucky to have you to look after things. Lovely cats.