Saturday, 19 April 2008

I could kill myself...

It was raining as I left to go up to the farm, so I didn't take my camera AGAIN. So what happened? It stopped. Windy as hell, and some gusts nearly blew me off my feet as we walked the fields, but my pet Kite was undeterred, and bloody followed me again. I only had the Nokia. He actually was posing, hovering for me. I can't believe it. So angry with myself. I bet if I take it later (a) it will piss down and (b) obviously he will be nowhere to be seen. Grrrr.

Other excitement - saw my first swallow of the year. Yay. They don't come here, nowhere for them to nest of course, but plenty of places up at the farm. Hope they are sensible though and manage to make them out of the cats' reach.

It's hard to tell from these just how close he was, but believe me, I could almost touch him. No more than 12 feet at times. Sigh.

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