Thursday, 28 February 2008

Just had a surprise phone call...

Cheered me up no end. My friend Kate from the farm just rang to invite me up for a meal on Saturday night for my birthday. How lovely was that, she said she would cook me anything I want, my favourite meal! So I said Spaghetti Bolognaise. She's going to do garlic bread, and for pudding Steamed syrup sponge! The diet will be on hold for the night! Talking of which, I am so thrilled today, I have lost another three pounds this week since Sunday, and am now only 6lbs away from my original target. I expect I'll put on a pound from Saturday though, I always do. If I can continue to lose a pound or two a week now though with my new found dietary secret (drinking loads of water!) and the exercise, I may go for broke and just see how much I can actually lose, it would have to stop sometime wouldn't it, else I would just disappear! If I continue to eat the same amount as I have been doing though, it will be interesting to see when I came to a stop.

I've been taking more trouble with my appearance now I look half-reasonable again, wearing make-up all the time, and I am getting looks from guys again, and I quite like it. A guy today said hello to me, and I thought, I don't know you do I? Then I realised he was just amazed at my beauty! Haha. Oh well, I can dream. I do a lot of that lately about things (my online mates know what/who ;) )

Llanybydder Horse Mart

For want of something better to do, and before I give up doing this blog completely, I went to the above today. I've done nothing but go shopping or walk Emma in the usual places for days, so had nothing to blog about.

Okay so the Horse Mart is held on the last Thursday of every month, I've been there lots of times before, mainly to look at the market stalls. Rarely buy anything though, because obviously it's mainly horse tack. There's a guy always there that has chickens for sale, but I daren't look. I bought my last two hens from him, Light and Dark, who were Diddy Boy's last two ladies.

We park in the field, and I walk round to the stalls with Emma, then let her have a long run in the grass when we get back to the car. I took a picnic today, Tuna light lunch and an apple. I then left Emma in the car and went back for a look at the horses for once and the auction, as you're not allowed to take dogs inside the mart. I don't know why I look at the horses, I always feel very sorry for them. A lot are white-eyed and scared out of their lives. I find it sad that people exploit animals for monetary gains, as a lot of these are. And how people can have a pony as a pet, then when they outgrow it, just get rid of it, is beyond me. There was a donkey who was very distressed. I heard another one being auctioned, it was in foal apparently and it fetched over a thousand guineas! I had no idea Donkeys were so valuable. Hope it doesn't end up with some kid kicking it in the guts on the sands. I wanted to bring them all home.

You can read more about it on the BBC page here if you are interested. The mart has been running since the 19th Century and is famous all over the world.

Beautiful pony with blue eyes

Friday, 22 February 2008


Took a trip to the pet food warehouse today, I've discovered that now I have less Jackdaws and Collared Doves coming to the garden, the Bucktons wild bird seed mix is preferred to the one I can get nearer to home, it has smaller seeds in it, whereas the other makes have a lot more corn, which is getting left and wasted on the garden (I will be able to grown my own crop of corn soon...)

On the way over the bridge I spotted a small flock of Canada geese on the bank and a pair of swans, so thought I'd take a different walk to the one I normally do, on the way back. Big mistake! Despite the lack of rain, the footpath was really boggy and messy, so I only walked a short way, then cut back into the grounds of the Castle hotel as I noticed other people walking their dogs through the driveway, I'd always thought it was private but apparently not. There were some amazing trees, years old, so it made a nice change. I also read on the board at the gateway they do all sorts of meals, and afternoon teas. Hmmmm. Maybe next time.

So anyway, as it was such a short walk, I decided to stop at Cenarth Falls on the way home.....

(Oh and by the way, Cilgerran and Cenarth are pronounced as if spelt with a K as in Kil and Ken...the Welsh C is a hard sound)

and so on to Cenarth Falls. This is a huge tourist attraction, although being February a lot of the places are still shut up for the winter, but nevertheless, still plenty to see and do. In October, lots of people come to see the Salmon leaping up the falls heading upstream to spawn. They also still use the traditional Coracles for fishing, which are tiny boats.

Never tire of seeing the falls, although because of the distinct lack of rain lately (thankfully, no complaints of course...) the water was very low and the falls were quite subdued. Couple of Mallard Drakes were the only bird life visible, although could hear Robins singing up in the trees. Everywhere is smothered with snowdrops, primroses and daffodils at present, very pretty.

You can read more about the area on their website -

Monday, 18 February 2008


Another lovely day, bit colder today though. Spent the afternoon at Pat's and we both had the walk down to the river today. She has a new mobile phone so we got the dogs to pose so she could try out the camera, and I did some too, only with my phone, didn't bother taking the camera again!

I bought Pat a keep-fit dvd for her birthday, Angela Rippon, so we had a laugh trying to keep up with the exercises later, boy am I unfit! I can't do half of them, I think I'll stick to me bike! Talking of which, I cycled 46 miles on it last week, and burned 1,600 cals. I lost two pounds on my diet, so am well pleased. I only have 11bs to go now to my target weight, yay!

Birdy news - on the way over, I saw a Buzzard make a kill for the first time, I knew they didn't just exist on carrion, but would rather have not been witness to it. I saw him swoop down in the road in front of me as I was driving, and then he went up top of a telegraph pole, and of course I had to stop and look (it's quiet country lanes,) and he had a small vole, with legs wriggling as he was held tightly in the bird's beak. Made me feel sick of course, and the Buzzard took off over the field with it when he realised I'd stopped. Puke.

On the way home, I saw a largish flock of Lapwings taking off from another field, which was a nice sight.

Sausage is still fine btw, he keeps a low profile a lot of the time, because of another Robin who dives down on him when I give him a worm or two. I wish they wouldn't fight, there is plenty for both of them, but will they listen.... ? There are definitely three at least here, because whilst these two are chasing each other about, there's another one singing up in the tree in the next garden.

Happy Birthday Pat

Hope you have a good one

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Loadsa pictures!

Had the most fantastic day again today, did a bit of shopping, and then took Emma down to Llansteffan beach on the Towy Estuary. I have never seen so many cars and people there, and that includes high summer! The place was swarming, I got the last space in the main car park, and at the far end where I normally park, there must have been about 100 cars there too parked up on the grass. Amazing weather again, no wind, blue skies. I walked further than I'd ever been able to walk before - at last the tide was out when I got somewhere!

So we walked right out to the far rocks along the estuary, and then worked our way back along the cliff path through the woodland. The gorse is all in bloom, and there were catkins on the trees. Got some shots of the castle ruin across the field, which made it look rather creepy, there was a heat haze rising from the grass.

The highlights were a guy with a motorised parachute, not sure what they are called, but I want one! He was giving us a great display and came in really low all along the sands, and then back up over the cliffs, lucky sod, how I envied him.

Stopped by the cafe when I got back to the car, and people were queuing out the door, coming out with ice creams, teas, cakes etc. They did a roaring trade. I was very good and just bought a cup of tea, and we sat on a bench, and then were treated to two planes showing off just above our heads, not sure what planes, they sounded like old fashioned WW2 types, but they were flying in formation, almost wing-touching, then looping the loop, flying upside down, victory rolls, the lot, up and down the estuary - so amazing, and all for free!

So many shells everywhere

There was a fishing competition going on

The water was so calm

Ferryside across the other side of the estuary

The full car park

The two planes

Emma's best piggy-face did her no good at all, I only bought a cup of tea!