Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Farm, Days 4 & 5

Well not much to report really, everything going along quite well. Felt really tired yesterday, but okay again today. I am a bit overdue for my B12 injection I think, which doesn't help, coupled with the clocks altering, and then of course having to get up at a set time, not used to it, and keep waking in the night afraid I've not heard the alarm etc.

The weather today has been unbelievable. I walked the dogs round the field this afternoon and was boiling in a t-shirt. When you bear in mind that it's high up there and always a bit breezy you will understand that it was HOT! I looked on my thermo behind the aviary, in the sun of course, but it was 82f at 3.30pm! WOW. I see that we are forecast sub zeros and bloody snow again next week though, that will be very unpleasant for all the young animals and birds.

I took three photos of views of the surrounding area as I walked the lane this afternoon. Scenery to die for. Why would I want to move ever? Well can you imagine looking at those hills and picturing 110 metre high Wind turbines, spaced all the way round? Because if we lose our battle, that's exactly what we will be seeing. Makes me want to cry. Just the sight of them really, without the implications with the noise, and killing lots of birds. The pair of Red Kites I've been seeing will be prime candidates. How will they see the blades when they rotate at 120mph, when they are looking down for prey on the ground, especially as they feed on carrion, and there will likely be a lot of that from other birds laying beneath which have been mashed. Doesn't bear thinking about.

One bit of other news, I have been chatting with a guy a couple of times now on MSN messenger from one of the dating sites. He seems really nice, still early days, no photo as yet, but he says I can see his webcam - oooer, dare I risk it, lol? I said is he like Iolo Williams and he says a bit, so I am quite excited, ha ha. He's younger than me, which is cool, 6ft tall, black hair, and likes quite a lot of the same things as me, and he doesn't live a million miles away either, about 40, which isn't too terrible. We shall see.... ;)

I need to get to the shops, am suffering withdrawal symptoms, have a mind to go tonight after the 8 o'clock feed, or maybe tomorrow night, not sure yet, I must be a food-shop-a-holic! I have run out of apples. Disaster!


oldcrow61 said...

I hope you manage to stop those wind turbines from going up. Such a beautiful area. Well, I'd want to see that guy on his webcam, I'd be dying to know what he looks like. Do it, lol.

cmk said...

Once again, I am amazed at the beauty of the place you live! I would love to see your country some day. {sigh} I think it is just wishful thinking on my part. :)

To let you know, I have tagged you to do a meme. Come to my site for the particulars.

nicola said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!