Friday, 18 April 2008

More fun at the farm

Why oh why didn't I take my proper camera? The Red Kite practically landed on me! He was flying over and around us whilst we walked round the field, I think maybe he was hoping we would frighten a rodent and he would spot it, or unless they feed on insects a bit like swallows. I could have wept, he was so close and so unafraid of me or the dogs.

Oh well, had to satisfy myself with the Donkeys, who all came across to see me, but soon lost interest when they saw I had no food! One of the farm cats (sorry pusscat, I can never remember your name) appeared at the top end of the field, and walked with us. So funny because Emma has always been taught to chase cats out of my garden, but she is so good and knows that she's not to touch these. The cat was going right up to her sniffing and she was jumping away. I managed to get them to pose a bit, hilarious photos. The second one looks like Emma is just about to take a chunk out of his back!

Also spotted to my amazement two Canada Geese in the next field. Wow. They are mere dots though on my photo taken with the Nokia. Sigh.

Feeding the lambs was fun as always, and the male kitty (Biggun) always follows me about and was sitting on a bale watching. Frank the ram gave him a good sniffing too. Started to rain when I'd finished so I shut the lambs and the three mums in the barn. Kate asked me to shut them in later anyway as it's still so cold at night, and I didn't want them getting soaking wet. Course, then it stopped and now feel guilty as they all wanted to go back out in the field. Oh well, saves me the job later I suppose, it won't hurt them to be in, they've got all they need.

My favourite, little Daisy


Pete said...

nice photos mary

Jan said...

Thanks nigel.

oldcrow61 said...

Too bad you didn't get a shot of the Red Kite. Maybe next time. Love the pictures, they're wonderful.

Pete said...

doh!! wrong blog

meant to say emma looked a bit peeved