Monday, 31 March 2008

The Farm, Day 2....Much Excitement...

Well, first excitement was there's been a Red Kite flying around most times I've been up the farm, doesn't seem too worried about my presence, and of course I'm thinking oh wow. So this morning, it landed in a tree and when I looked, I saw a nest! Think it could well be his. When I took the dogs up the field this afternoon, he put in another appearance, and was swooping around me, fantastic or what? As I left in the car, I saw him land on the telegraph pole on the farm track, and he was jerking, and I thought oh, he's got something. Well he had, but he was feeding a hen, who was already sitting on the pole. WOW.

The other bit of excitement was of a completely different nature. Yesterday, I noticed a sheep in the field which had previously been empty, not any of Kates, but the farmer who uses the big fields. All the other sheep (about 15 or so) were in the next field. I thought this a bit strange. So today I noticed it kept trying to get through to the others, looked throughly pissed off. So having made sure it wasn't a ram and was separate for a reason, I attempted to get it back into the field with the others. What a nightmare. Sheep are indeed entirely without brains. It tried to barge through a metal gate until I thought it would bash it's brains out. Then it ran back up the field (about a quarter of a mile) and managed to get in the track between the two field, and kept running up and down until it got to a tree and couldn't go any further. I was by then losing my temper and said stuff you (or words to that effect....) and was about to give up, when it managed to squeeze through a gap and carry on down the tiny narrow bit between the two fields, out into the field I was in, and then carried on running and eventually went through the gate to join the others. Success, or so I thought. When I looked, it had made its way across to the far side of the field where they were, and then they all started running away from it in terror! OMG I nearly died. I thought oh shit perhaps it wasn't part of their flock at all, and has come from somewhere else. Now what do I do? I decided to deny all knowledge if I see the farmer (who is very conspicuous by his absence actually) Anyway, as I left I checked, and they were all grazing happily together. PHEW! The only thing I can think of is it came from the field behind that has the donkeys in, dunno, don't care much, lol. Wished I'd minded my own business though really.

Red Kite nest?



Barra and Skye

All three in one shot for once!

The farmhouse looking down from the field

The Kite

Frank on the bottle

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Janine said...

Aww. Frank is a sweet little thing.