Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tuesday the Third

Gobsmacking Fact: (the idea of this was pinched from Grandma Fizzy's blog) I gave up smoking on 19th July 2002. This means that I have now not smoked somewhere in the region of 34,380 ciggies. OMG! Based on 20 a day, sometimes it was less, sometimes more, and they were the skinny roll-ups but nevertheless.

Went to Pat's this afternoon, and took the dogs for a nice walk into the woods. Heard a couple of chiffchaffs, dogs had a good old splash around in the water, and I had to wash Emma's bum again! Won't go into any more details.

After sat and watched the dvd of Happy Feet. Highly recommended, great film, fantastic animation, humour, happy ending, what more could you want!


rosalind said...

Hi Jan, Ros here. Had to tell you that Paula and I have become addicted to your blog. As soon as the managers go into their 11.00 o'clock meeting we log on to read the days events .....I know I really must get a life LOL!

Saw the comment re the smoking one thing you have to thank Mr Floppy for LOL! Wonder how he is these days, doesn't seem to come on the new V21 forum much these days. Perhaps he's under the thumb LOL!

Anyway just wanted you to know that you're not forgotten and that I'm keeping my eye on you.

Take care and catch you on MSN some time soon hopefully.

Love Ros and Paula xxx

Jan said...

Hey Ros, I feel honoured that you are taking an interest in my boring old life! I was thinking of you today actually, when I was reading about "floppy" in my old diary when I looked up the date! Nearly puked at some of the things, I wondered what you actually thought of him the very first time you met him! HAHAHA! I hope you are also reading Emma's blog then, she has got very clever learning to type an' all. ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Congratulations on your, I guess it will be five years in July, that you have quit smoking.

nicola said...

one day ....one day....