Saturday, 7 April 2007

Lots of stuff..

Well I managed to sleep right through from 10.15 pm till 7.15 this morning. Obviously I needed it after my exertions yesterday with the digging. Still had an awful sore throat when I woke up though. After a good old cough and a cuppa, it eased off, and thankfully, I didn't feel bad, so decided to get up early, and get into town before it got too crowded. Wanted a look in Morrisons for some seeds, and I needed a couple of things that I couldn't get in Tesco the other day. I thought I'd take Emma to either Llansteffan or Castle Green Woods after for a picnic lunch and nice walk. I ended up spending a small fortune in Morrisons, loads of seeds - I got cucumber, red peppers, little gem lettuce, spring onions, and carrots, several trays of viola and pansies, two pots of sweet peas,(15 sweet peas for 99p as opposed to my packet that I bought to grow my own for £1.50 and 4 came up!) a cute hoggy garden ornament, and the new dvd which I'd seen advertised Flushed Away about a rat!

Anyhow went on to the woods, decided from the volume of traffic heading that way that Llansteffan would be packed, the woods had about 4 cars, and I saw two lots of people to say hello to. I was amazed that there were a few bluebells out already, at least three weeks early. The weather was magnificent again, I really can't believe this, so hot, no wind, no clouds, absolutely fantastic.

I took some photos and wished I'd taken my proper camera. The reason I didn't is because I know I just can't be bothered to carry stuff, I know it's terrible, but that's the way I am, if it can't go in my pockets, I just don't want to know. So then I thought, well get a good camera that will go in my pocket! So I ended up going back to Tesco to see what they had, nothing much, Currys, ditto, and then popped into PC World next door, and oh dear me, they had something on the lines of what I had in mind, and I bought it. I am very, very bad, because it wasn't something I had even planned to do, and in all honesty, didn't really need, but its a Kodak EasyShare V610, and is almost as small as my nokia, has 6.1mp, and has 10x optical zoom amongst other amazing features, and it was £100 off the original price, so I was hooked! I've only had a little play tonight, hardly done anything with it really, but bluetoothed the photos on to here, which is another bonus. I shall have to try and sell my Praktica on eBay or something, but I'm not giving it away, it's a super camera and cost £150 when I bought it, although now they are about £80 for the same spec.

When I came home, spent a long time putting all my plants out, my sweet peas into the wigwam, but will do some of the seeds tomorrow in my veg plot, I ran out of time really. Why do they put so many seeds in the packets by the way? There's something like 1250 lettuce seeds! Bloody hell, I'm not going to supply the local Tesco with them!

Loads of Meadow Buttercups
Cute pony
Two hawthorn trees, only one in leaf though, wonder why?

The stuff I bought in Morrisons

These are the ones I just took with the new camera -


nicola said...

Nice jan! Looking forward to lots of photos now :)

oldcrow61 said...

Nice pictures. It looks so lovely there. Such cute pictures of Emma. We woke up this morning to snow on the ground, not much mind you. It's time it stopped now.