Monday, 9 April 2007

An exciting Easter Monday!

Took a couple of bird pics this morning, but the little buggers are camera shy, I can be sitting within a few feet outside and they will come, but the second I have a camera in my hands, no sign. I gave up as the batteries were going and I wanted them fully charged for when I went out this afternoon. Soon as I sat outside eating my lunch with no camera, all manner of birds came within a few feet, including the tame-ish robin, dunnocks, two goldfinches, a pair of red kites circling overhead.... sod's law.

Anyway, decided to go to Henllan down the river, took lots of scenery photos and a bluebell, there were quite a few out already.

Came home, cleaned out the guinea pigs, and Chippy Budgie, and heard emergency vehicle sirens zooming through the village (or so I thought, not that unusual here) then a Police Helicopter was hovering overhead and circling round and round for about half an hour. Took some shots (I love helicopters) and then came in to start the tea and found there was no electric. Well I was having salad anyway, and I have the gas so no big deal, but I did want to make sure it wasn't a fault with my supply so I phoned the neighbour and he told me that a car had hit the electricity pole just on the entrance to my road, and knocked it down, all the cables were down, the car was written off, and the driver legged it, so the helicopter was searching for him! Oh I say, such goings on. So I wandered round the corner and half the village was there watching. The village was closed, no traffic so it was nice and quiet, normally thousands of cars roaring through on a bank holiday teatime. So anyway we finally got the power back on just before 9pm, I had candles going before that, but was glad it wasn't quite pitch black as my poor birdies in the shed aren't used to being in complete darkness and when the nightlight came on, I didn't want it scaring them. Trouble is the timer for the heater will be out now, it won't come on till about now, so I hope it doesn't scare them when it clicks. Must remember to alter the switch in the morning. That's the trouble with timers, we get quite a lot of power cuts here, would be a pain if I was away for a few days, because I don't want the heaters coming on in the daytime costing a fortune!

Managed to get lots of birds to obliged when they were having their teatime feed though, very lucky with the beautiful weather too, makes a nice setting with the trees and perfect blue sky.


Anonymous said...

Such an interesting day you had - and I love the photos and hope you have the power on now. These bird photos below in the post are really fun to see also Jan.

nicola said...

Stunning scenery shots jan and that copter bird aint half bad either!

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures Jan, you must be well pleased.