Sunday, 8 April 2007

Playing with my new toy

Well I've really got the most stinking cold. I'd forgotten what it was like, it's been so long, I don't feel too terrible, but sick of blowing my nose, and my eyes are all slitty and sore. I put in some of my seeds, one row of lettuce, one of spring onions and two of carrots, that will do me for ages, god knows what I will do with 1250 lettuce seeds!

Anyway, had a good play with the camera, I am taking Emma out in a minute so will take some more shots then, but really just been seeing what the zoom is like, and I am gobsmacked! It's fab! Really, really chuffed so far. Shame about the weather now though, it's clouded right up and not very warm outside, will need a jacket, how daft when yesterday it was t-shirts. Still, it is only April, keep forgetting, it was more like July yesterday.

Oh yeah, just a couple of moans, (who me, misery guts? No, never!) The farmer chose yesterday, in the heatwave to spread fertiliser all over the field next to my garden. This is commonly known as slurry, and it's cowshit. And it stinks. How very considerate when everyone is outside in their gardens, windows open. It's not only the stink, it's the flies, they are everywhere, thousands of them now. Great. And this morning, some arsehole up the road has lit a bonfire, and big lumps of ash were floating down on me as I was doing the garden, it was like bloody snow. Bastard. And it stunk even worse than the shit.

Well got that over with, feel better to have got it off my chest, so will now post the piccies and get out with stinker. (I love her really)

Taken from about 12 feet away

This is the amazing one. There's a house on the hillside that I can't even see with the naked eye
This is it on full zoom, it's like using bins, wow!
Taken through the (dirty) kitchen window about 20 feet away

Taken through the (dirty) living room window about 15 feet away


Eagleseagles said...

Hi Jan

Love the dapper Chaffinch he looks very pleased with himself!!


Jan said...

Thanks, I just had to do some detective work to find out who you were lol, the Crystal Palace FC gave it away! I hope me and my new camera will be posting lots of birdy photos from now on. :)

nicola said...

Jan they are great! So pleased for we can see all the birds that come to your garden too!