Thursday, 26 April 2007


Not done much today again. It's been bright and sunny until the last hour, but bloody cold northerly wind again, great if you can get out of it though. I did some washing, cut the grass, took Emma round the park, and took some photos. That about sums it up really. Oh yeah and have just lost my rag, there's some arsehole, sorry you will have to excuse my language but I am livid, they have lit a filthy, stinking bonfire down the road, black smoke billowing into the air about thirty feet, evil smell of rubber, like they are burning tyres, and it's all come this way, all over my washing and in my house. I thought I knew where it was coming from as there is always smoke coming from that same area, so I phoned up, and they said it wasn't them, they told me where it was, as I said I was going to phone the police, they said please do, as if it would be doing them a favour too. And as if by a miracle, the smoke suddenly stopped. I'm damned sure it's who I thought it was in the first place. They have been burning something all afternoon, because all I could smell out there as I cut the grass was woodsmoke from a normal smelly bonfire. People just haven't got any consideration for others at all. As far as I am aware, it is illegal to have a bonfire until one hour after sunset. But of course, that doesn't apply to farmers, they are a law unto themselves and can do no wrong. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. My hair now smells like a bonfire and so does all my washing. Yes Pete, I am moaning again.

The dove is still here

Crow posed nicely for me at the park.

Bet you thought this is Ben and Emma? Wrong, it's Sally and Megan!

Garden is starting to look pretty, note the freshly painted fence panels

View from the garden and moo-moos in the field up the hill


oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures once again Jan. What a lovely view you have from your garden.

Anonymous said...

Your countryside just sends me. Can I come visit you some time? :)

Jan said...

Certainly can, I'll put the kettle on! We ought to do a homeswap, you have nice warm, dry weather!