Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Sunday - more photos

Well the clouds went away very quickly, and didn't need my coat after all, just took lots of photos, unfortunately there weren't any obliging birdies, so just settled for scenery and a couple of dogs that came a-visiting from the house on the hill (to see Emma, weren't in the slightest bit interested in me) Fabulous weather, I'm sitting in the garden with my cup of tea and biccies doing this, bit of a struggle to see but am getting there! Oh the joy of a wireless broadband connection and a laptop, two of my best purchases ever. *smug smiley here*

Oh yeah, one slight gripe with the new toy - will need to buy a couple of spare batteries, they are the special flat ones, I've only taken about 40 pics and it's gone flat already from a full charge, but I have had to do a lot of scrolling through the menu I suppose to see all the features. Might not be that bad. They are about £6 I think so not terrible, and an in-car charger wouldn't be a bad idea either...

What's the odds on this - 2 trees fall and go into the V of another one!
Wide setting



I've just made an amazing discovery. All this time since I've been blogging (about 16 months) I have always downloaded my photos into a folder on my pc called "Blogger photos" (funnily enough) and then resized them, and then uploaded them to this webpage. I now realise what a stupid thicko I've been, because you can do it straight off the memory card and save a lot of time, effort and HD space on the pc, I don't need them on the memory card, on my pc and on a website, now do I? Doh!


Pete said...

someone bought a camera?

cmk said...

I see spring has sprung in your part of the world! We aren't so lucky. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog--and I hope you had a lovely Easter. By the way, love the pics!

mydogbrandy said...

Beautiful pics Jan, well taken! Is that a new camera? I do envy you the wonderful countryside & scenery. Am happy that the weather is good for you and Emma. Oh I read your earlier blog & realised you have a new camera & its got 10x optical zoom. Wow!