Saturday, 28 April 2007

Saturday - dogs and bluebells

Went to Irene's today, and after a bit of lunch, we took one of her dogs (Ayra) and Emma to the forestry just outside Lampeter for a walk. Irene hadn't been there before, and isn't it just typical, I've only ever come across a couple once there, never see anyone normally, but as we arrived, there was some kind of hiking group about to cross the stile too, about 10 of them! So we let them get as far ahead as possible. Quite a lot of the bluebells were out, but still a lot more to come. I looked back on my blog for last year, and it was 13th May when I went there and took photos, but it was also raining. We had a nice walk anyway, it's hard work on the way back because it's uphill, but it didn't seem such a struggle this time. Partly because it was so dry and partly because when you are chatting to someone, you don't seem to notice.

Bit fed up with the weather, its fairly warm and in some places it was quite hot I suppose, but we have had mainly that bright grey sky, and a strong easterly wind all day. It was warm enough to not need a jumper earlier, but had to put one on as soon as I got back to this place, even though I've still got the two rads on half temperature, no sun through the windows means cold in here. Oh and another farmer has been spreading slurry in time for the storms we have forecast, its a good job I don't want the windows open because the stench outside is making me want to heave. Absolutely horrendous. I don't remember all this stink in previous years, I guess they are doing some different farming stuff or something.

Oh well my best night of tv tonight anyway, will have to record lots of stuff because it's all on at the same time, thanks a lot BBC and ITV. Last night never switched the tv on all night because there was bugger all I wanted to see, now it's all on in one heap!


oldcrow61 said...

Absolutely magical. That shot of Emma is perfection.

Pete said...

Emma looking adorable as always

cmk said...

Happy, happy pups--great pictures!