Sunday, 1 April 2007

Llanelli & Burry Port

I decided to see how the other half live today and try out the Tesco at Llanelli. Wish I hadn't. The proverbial sick as a parrot comes to mind. I thought our one was good till I went in there. Our one was supposed to be one of the biggest in Wales so I understood. Well you could fit ours into Llanelli twice over. They stock all the stuff in there that I can't get in ours. Like jeans that I've been trying to get another pair of since I bought some a while ago, and they've not had in my size since. Like the flavour of yoghurts that I always have and now have to buy from Morrisons because our one doesn't stock them. Like Cravendale milk - ditto. They had a huge display of patio sets, tables, chairs etc. Twice as many clothes too. If I lived over that way, I would never need to go in any other shops, they have everything I need! I bought a new case for my camera, one that I can carry spare batteries in, because I'm sick of mine forever going flat and I haven't got any others with me. I bought the jeans (£6 ones, and are excellent quality and great fit) I bought a T-shirt for £3, some food stuff, a new optical usb mouse for the laptop for a fiver, and thoroughly enjoyed myself looking round!

Bad news though, there's a MacDonalds next door. Ooops. I've already eaten over the daily calorie allowance now. Had a choccie milkshake as an extra treat too, haven't had one of those for months and months, yum bloody yum, and Emma thought so too.

So then we went on to Burry Port. I haven't been there since October 2005, what a good memory I have, no, I only remember because I bought Jo Jo my last cockatiel there from the pet shop that was closing down. It was packed out like summer, the wind was really strong, but blowing off the land mainly so the beach and sand dunes weren't too bad. Emma had a whale of a time (literally, she went out of her depth with much snorting, makes me laugh) but the sea was at least a mile out in the bay, so she had to make do with rock pools as usual. Then more bad news, there was an ice cream van in the car park. Oh well, start the diet again tomorrow, after I've eaten the cakes I got in Tesco......

Okay, so you go to the beach and expect to see ........... A GOAT???

Emma using her ears as waterwings!

Burry Port Harbour

Sand dredger

Who moved the road?

Looking back down the harbour wall from the end

Mmmm, yum this sea water is delicious!

I wondered how come the boats were floating when the tide was out, they have built a lock! I'm sure this didn't used to be there. Doh!

I don't know what browsers people use to view this blog, but I use an Internet Explorer compatible one called Maxthon, and the captions to the photos above all are in the right place. However, I've just viewed this with firefox, as I use that browser for Emmas blog, and the captions are alongside completely the wrong photos. How the hell does that happen? Well I'm not altering it, so you will have to work it out for yourselves if you use Firefox too. :o(


Pete said...

sounds like you had a good day!

and Emma got chips!!

oldcrow61 said...

Well, you had quite a day as did Emma I suspect. Got a great chuckle when you were talking about all the treats you had. Loved the pic. of Emma (who moved the road) one. What a doll.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying all your pictures -so interesting to see all these different places on all the blogs!!

Janine said...

That rock pool looks interesting, any shellfish or other creatures in there?