Sunday, 15 April 2007


Feeling very sad. My doves went to their new home this morning. The person who has them now has a wonderful set up and showed me round his place. I was gobsmacked. It is paradise for me, away from other houses, huge, huge spread of polytunnels and aviaries, right next to the river. He has all sorts of exotic birds including Kookaburras, my first ever sighting of these in real life, and they are huge! I thought they were the same sort of size as a blackbird. He has kakariki, laughing thrushes, lots of different finches, budgies, a Rhea, Wallabies, Marmosets, oh boy are they cute! The doves travelled well, but my poor little hen looked very bewildered when they were put in their new aviary, was very nice, and planted which they've not had here, but I was a bit concerned because it has no cover over it, and they sit out. The guy's wife said they would get something, but I am still worried, they have so many things there, and to be honest they haven't time to look after everything the way I would, some of the cages and aviaries needed cleaning out very badly. I've come home feeling sick, I've got rid of them because I couldn't be bothered with them is the honest truth, the noise, the hassle, the worry. Not very proud of myself at all. Oh well, I just hope they will settle in and be okay, I could get them back I know, but that would be very defeatist, and solve nothing except make me feel better. Bugger.

Afterwards, I drove down to the reservoirs in Carmarthen, and took Emma for a morning walk for a change. This time there were a few birds around, but it's nigh impossible to switch camera on, push the zoom and get a pic before they are off. A moorhen, a robin, and a rook obliged. A wren and the buzzard didn't.

I'm also very fed up with the weather. It was boiling down at the reservoirs, came back here (again only 11 miles up the road) and we are covered in high misty hazy sort of cloud, which at around 3 oclock turned quite cold, no sun at all now, and have had to come indoors.I've just been checking weather sites on the net, and it seems it's just here that has this crap, everywhere else within about 10 miles in any direction is showing sunshine and 18-20c, we've got grey, cold wind and 12c. Shit, I hate this place some times. Will have to bring the guinea pigs in too in a minute I think, it's too cold for them to be out now. We have minus 5c forecast for Wednesday and Thursday night too, so winter hasn't gone yet. Means I'll have to bring in my stuff from the greenhouse else it will be done for.

I can't be doing with this getting up early and doing stuff in the morning. I thought I'd try it as the weather has been so nice lately, but it's doing me in. I get to about 3 oclock and I am bored out of my brains, too tired and lacking energy to do things that need doing, like cleaning out the guinea pigs, cutting grass, cleaning the car, cleaning the windows etc etc. I just wanna go to sleep!


Pete said...

you did the right thing Jan

oldcrow61 said...

I'm sure the birds will settle in okay. Nice pictures btw.