Friday, 20 April 2007

Another sunny day

I think today has been the hottest of the year so far, it certainly was at the reservoirs I take Emma to anyway. Got the shopping out of the way first at Morrisons, then got a McDonalds and me and Em had a picnic round the lakes on the bench, sitting in the sunshine. See, I'm not so mean after all, Emma had loads of chips! Took lots of photos again, mainly of trees this time, I love the colours, all the leaves have sprung open everywhere this past few days, and with the sun shining on the new shades of green, and the blue sky, just makes me feel good. I think Emma decided to spite me for yesterday, she went in the muddiest, most stagnant bits of the lakes she could find! Made her go in a clean bit last off though and gave her a quick rub down with the towel before we came home. At last I got a picture of a duck! First time since I've had the new camera that there has been a Mallard there, a lone male. Millions of tadpoles too round the edges. The same Moorhen as the other day, and there was one Coot, who was too camera shy. One of the robins let me take his picture too, and there was a tiny, tiny little bird which I can't identify up above me, I have a feeling it may have been a Goldcrest, but can't be sure. I took a snap but it's too high up and is too blurred. I don't think it was a Chiffchaff, unless they make other noises. Forgot to say yesterday because I had to look up another bird I saw on our way. Near Devil's Bridge - it was a male Stonechat, another first for me. :)

Can I go in this muddy bit?
hehe I'm in!
See I'm cleaner now.

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oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Jan. You have such lovely places to walk. Glad to hear that Emma got her chips, lol. She does love the mud, doesn't she!