Thursday, 19 April 2007

Gigrin Farm, Rhayader

Oh boy, what can I say? What a fantastic day I've had today. The weather has been superb, despite slight anxiety on the way there around the mountain area where it was grey and cloudy, we soon got through this and it has been amazing! The scenery up that part of Wales just blew me away, I've not been up to that area before, it is simply breathtaking. I shall definitely go again. We decided on the scenic route going, there are three different ways to get there from here, all about the same in distance. We chose Tregaron, Ystrad Meurig, Ffair Rhos, Ysbyty Ystwyth, Devils Bridge (just amazing!) then on to the A44 through to Llangurig and then Rhayader. Had a bite to eat in a cafe there, and then onto the Red Kite Centre. Had a mooch round, watching some of the Kites already beginning to gravitate for the 3pm feed. Had a look in the gift shop, walked Emma a way up the track, there's a 2 mile nature trail you can take, but we decided against that because it was a bit too hot and we wouldn't have been back in time for the feeding. There's loads of hides to sit in and wait for the tractor with the food. There were loads of Rooks and Crows, and Jackdaws waiting too. Well when the food was thrown into the feeding area, it was the most amazing thing ever, the Kites came from everywhere. I guess the most there were at one time was around 50, just awesome. They say on the leaflet up to 400 come in winter time! I guess some are breeding now so most of these were one half of a pair. Also several Buzzards who are much easier to photograph as they eat their food on the ground, whereas the Kites swoop and dive, grab a chunk and fly off and eat it on the wing. A Heron of all things put in an appearance, and I had a new "tick" for me - a Raven. Got one chance at a photo as he grabbed and went off, it's a bit blurred but still going to post it! I took 86 photos, but as I say it's difficult to get clear ones of the kites as they are on the move, so only about 30 of them are worth keeping. Also did a short video clip, which again is a bit poor.

I won't be able to post all the photos yet as they need sorting and editing, but will put a couple now as a taster.

Great day out, highly recommend it. We couldn't believe how many people were there really, bearing in mind the kids are back to school (only adults there today) and it's too early really for holidaymakers, reckon there must've been about 50-60 of us, could even have been more.

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oldcrow61 said...

Pictures are great Jan. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, wish I could have been there myself.