Thursday, 5 April 2007


He came at 10.35 pm tonight. Unfortunately he came in from the wrong end of the feeder again and I couldn't see the mark or the nose, I will have to block that entrance, there's three ways in and out, trust him to pick the wrong one! Anyhow I then couldn't contain myself any longer, I had to know so went out with camera and torch, and removed the cover really quietly. Still scared him a bit, but I talked to him and am now 99% sure it's not Ryan. I remembered that I marked another small hog long after Ryan had gone, in fact I marked two, and I was calling them front blob and back blob. This is front blob. I thought I'd remember Ryan easily because of his pink nose. This hog has a normal nose. And is very timid. His prickles are slightly lighter in colour than Ryan's, he was quite a dark hog. I'm a bit disappointed really, but still hope Ryan may return, I have had peanuts and sultanas in the front porch for over a week, and they haven't been touched so this hog isn't venturing round to the front garden at all, and the hog box hasn't been entered either.

Pics slightly blurry sadly but still...

This is the last one of Ryan from last year on the day I marked him, the day I released him, on 1st October 2006.

I think I marked front blob nearer the end of October, using humbrol paint, so I was thinking that it was the other hog I marked earlier in the summer with tippex in the same place at first, but I'm sure that would have worn off, and it certainly wasn't as thickly marked as this one.