Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Some more birds

Been at my friend Irene's most of today, just as well because we are covered in a blanket of grey cloud in my village again today for the second day running, and it was beautiful, sunny and hot over her way, only 12 miles away. Same thing happened yesterday too, went to Carmarthen then and found the sun, it only cleared here about 4pm. Anyway, birds are being a bit elusive, I suppose they are busy nesting and doing birdy things like that, but managed to get a great shot of a Wood Pigeon yesterday along a new footpath/walk I found. Nothing at Irene's but came home and sat in my back doorway and chuffed because I have two pairs of Goldfinches!

Still got a really awful cold, this is day 5 of sneezing my head off, blowing my nose about every five minutes, tickly cough resulting in choking fits, and keep waking up in the night because I can't breathe, so feel knackered. I am certainly making up for not having had a cold for years and years, I certainly have a good one this time. I must be terribly run down I think, to have got the chicken pox earlier now this in the space of a couple of months.


cmk said...

Love your pictures--they are so nice and clear! Looking at them is really making me long for our snow to go away. Oh, well, it will happen in time.

nicola said...

Nice photos jan, those red-heads are simply lovely

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Jan. You're doing great with your new camera.