Friday, 27 April 2007

Friday, birds and a stroke of luck

Met Irene at Morrisons and did a bit of food shopping, then we went across to MacDonalds. Ate in, poor Emma, but I did take her out a few chips wrapped in a napkin! Then we took her round the reservoirs as Irene wanted to see where I kept raving on about. Got home really early, and thought what on earth am I going to do all afternoon (it was only 1.30 by then, I don't "do" this morning stuff as I've mentioned before but just thought it would be nice for a change...) Anyhow, one of my neighbours from the other end of the cul de sac was talking to the old lady who lives opposite. Remember I met her last summer and thought oh good, a new friend? Well nothing had ever come of it, we just didn't go and knock on each other's doors and say Hey, I've come for a coffee. Anyway, Emma ran up to her, and we ended up chatting, I asked her in, and she went at 4 oclock lol! Her husband would have thought she'd been kidnapped. Anyway, it turns out we have more in common than I'd ever imagined, and the very, very good news is that she would love to look after my birds, Emma, the guinea pigs anytime I like! How fantastic is that. She even said, what about last night with that **** with the stinking bonfire, and I had all my washing out! Anyway, her grandson does grasstrack, quad bike racing, it's every Saturday, and she said anytime I want to go with them, so that's even more fantastic because I used to go with Barry a few times, he even did a couple of meetings himself on two wheels of course, but they don't do an awful lot of that here, it is mainly quads, but still exciting and fun. What a stroke of luck eh? She is the same as me, shy and not pushy and a bit anti-social, so we should get along fine! Gardening and birds is the main thing we've got in common though.

After she left, I sat outside with yet another cuppa, and my lovely tame hen Blackbird came and posed for me, less than 6 feet away, with one of my suet pellets in her beak. She and her mate are feeding babies in the hedge of the garden behind me, they nested there last year too. Glad they are both still okay. Then a Pied Wagtail landed on my roof and was having a good old peck around in the moss. There were 6 woodpigeons in the field right by my garden too, was annoyed because I disturbed them, it's the closest they've been, so chuffed, I love woodies, their cooing is so relaxing. The white dove is still here, been on my roof all afternoon, until the sparrowhawk spooked him, and he flew off. He is very streetwise, so fingers crossed he is going to be okay, the hawk definitely doesn't seem interested. I just hope he meets up with some other doves on his travels and settles with them, I hate to see him on his own, and wonder where he is roosting. And finally, the Red Kite has been taunting me for two days. Every time I see it and run in and grab the camera, by the time I get out with it, he's too far away or too high to photo, so there ain't no pic of him, dammit!


nicola said...

nice photos jan....pleased you have a new friend!

Pete said...

emma earnt her chips!!

oldcrow61 said...

Great news Jan, someone you can relate to just across the street. Funny, isn't it, how things happen. Lovely pictures by the way.