Monday, 16 April 2007


I made a list this morning of stuff that I had to do. There's other things that will need to be done in the not too distant future, but for today I settled for cutting all the grass, and strimming which is a personal hate of mine, and I only do about three times all summer if I can help it. For once the line didn't break though, because I bought some really thick stuff last season, but it was making a funny noise, and when I looked, the blade has disappeared! It was just the line cutting against the edge of the plastic, lol. I also managed to break the mower at one point when I hit a rock, and the blade had nearly come off! So it was out with the spanners and a new washer and off I went again. I also cleaned out my aviary, hooray. It should stay a fair bit neater now with the doves gone, because they flick the food everywhere, and their poos are much bigger and more frequent that the other birdies in there. I've also cleaned out the guinea pigs, Chippy, and Diddy's Lodge, taken Emma out for an hour round the park, and planted out my Red Pepper seeds and cucumber seeds into compost, and done a hanging basket with some trailing plants. Oh and yippee, I have some little peeny lettuces just sprung forth from the soil in my veg plot! Oh and I watered all my tubs as they were all bone dry. And chased off the bloody Sparrowhawk three times from behind my aviary. It even had the cheek to come when I was mowing up there quite near. I don't know how my cockatiels know it's there, they must be able to see through wood, but I guess they hear the alarm calls of the wild birds, they must all speak the same language I suppose even though it all sounds different to us.

Another incident in the village today, although I don't know what, I was too busy to go down and have a nose, but there was either a fire engine or ambulance screaming through when I was doing the aviary, but it only stopped just down the road and shortly after the Air Ambulance helicopter came and set down in our football field I think, roughly that area. It stayed for about 30 minutes and then went off at great speed in the direction of Carmarthen hospital. I wonder what happened only it is quicker by road to the hospital from here, because the AA has to stop in a field about quarter of a mile from the hospital and then the patient has to be loaded into another ambulance anyway. It's only about 12 mins by road if you can put your foot down.

The sun has just broken through now, first time we've had blue sky and sun here for about three days. So fed up with it, when everyone else is bathing in tropical temperatures again, but it's also turned noticeably colder too, the wind has swung round to the north and feels quite chilly out there. I hope we don't get the frosts they forecast, when I checked the weather sites again, it showed plus 5c and higher for night time temps.


oldcrow61 said...

lol, you are having quite a time of it. Sounds like some of my days. Happy to hear that the sun came out for you. We saw the sun for a brief few minutes, chilly though.

nicola said...

Jan you will be pleased to know that today the sun has gone in!