Saturday, 20 October 2007

Where's this week gone????

I can't believe it's nearly a week since I updated my blog. Well I guess it's partly because I haven't really done much once again, and thought I can't be bothered basically! Anyway a quick update if I can remember, of the exciting things that have occurred.

Monday erm went to Pat's and we walked the dogs down the woods
Tuesday - it rained all day, continuously, only went outside three times, to do the birds in the aviary and the wild bird feeders.
Wednesday - can't remember, oh yeah went to Tescos ..
Thursday - Wind Farm Meeting
Friday - Doctors, result of my blood tests, and had to bring Alfie back in from the aviary, which meant travelling half way round Wales to try and buy a decent new cage (failed miserably) Alfie can't fly anymore and had fallen and hurt himself, and was huddled up and miserable, I'd been thinking about doing it for a while.

Today - travelled round the other bit of Wales and got a new cage! Should have gone there in the first place. Can't believe the other places didn't have any. I can't put him in with Chippy because he can't fly at all, and that would mean Chippy would have to be shut in too, can't leave the cage open, which is a no-no - Chippy only goes in at night, he's free to fly around the living room all day. Alfie is the little one I brought in last year for a few days, but it didn't work out then either, because of the above, and also Chippy is too boisterous with him, treats him like one of his toys and bashes too hard! Besides which, Chippy is twice his size.

Other news - weather has been fab this past three days, frosty cold nights, but lovely sunny days and blue skies. Took Emma to the woods at Peterwell after I bought the cage, it was beautiful, trees all shades of gold and lots of leaves down to scrunch through.

Doctors update, don't want to go on about that too much, but basically, my thyroid was slow again, so I'm on a higher rate of thyroxine, and have to have a re-test in two months to see how I go. Doc thinks I may have post viral stress syndrome which is also known as ME, brought on by the chicken pox I had earlier this year. It would cause all the symptoms I've currently been experiencing, however, it could just be the thyroid, would also have a similar knock-on effect. Hope so anyway. She says the higher dose will take a while to work, so don't expect to feel better just yet. We shall see anyway.

Tomorrow Helen is doing the parachute jump from Swansea. Kate and Terence picking me up at 8.15! I have got to get up at the crack of dawn to get the pets and birds and myself ready. Oh no! Hope the weather stays lovely anyway, but at present it's clouding right up, which will be just typical after three glorious days.

Alfie admiring himself in his new mirror

One for OC :)

...and another one :)


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you were. Good weather hey, we have had rain and more rain.

oldcrow61 said...

Got all choked up watching the videos of Emma. I must be losing it, lol. I suppose it's because I've become so attached to her through her photos and blog and now to see her move about...what can I say! Hope Helen gets to make her jump. Look forward to pictures.

Mary said...

We are making the most of the lovely weather too. Very cold at night and a thick frost this morning!

Pete said...

she is sssoo cute