Friday, 12 October 2007

Three cats and a slug!

Yay, today I had to look after the pets at the farm again. This morning it was misty and drizzly, but was still a nice walk round the fields, picked a few more blackberries, they are nearly finished now though.

It was pretty grey and grim all day really, but very mild, no wind. I went back up to do the tea time shift around 4 o'clock, and remembered to stop at the end of the lane leading out of my village to take a photo of a tree that always amuses me. It is a conifer by the looks of it, and I am thinking that it has been deliberately shaped. I think it's fantastic, has arms and a face or is it me again?

It started drizzling again, typical, but I didn't mind, neither did the dogs. There's loads of chaffinches around at present, all along the drive in the leaves, they fly up at the last minute and make you jump, and I heard, but couldn't see, a woodpecker tap tap tapping away high up in one of the trees.

So when I went to feed the cats, they were all waiting in the barn, all except the she cat, which they think has gone off to have another set of kittens! Oh no! Well the little kitty is still very timid and ran up on the ledge in the barn, the larger one which I photographed on here last time is tame now and you can stroke him, awwwww. Got Socks this time, who plonked himself down on my car on the warm bonnet. Has made a load of muddy prints all over it, good job it needs cleaning anyway.

When I came home, I remembered my blackberries from the boot, which were in a plastic bag. Got them out and put them in cold water to wash, and when I looked there was this peeny little slug, crawling out of the dish. Who else would then go awwww and take it up the garden in the rain and put it safely on some of their blackberries ?????

The amusing tree, I wonder if it's been toped!

The small kitty, still wary

The feral tom cat

Such a pretty small kitten

Socks on my car, giving Emma the evil eye

How cute is this?


Pete said...

since you ask only you.... ;)

Karen said...

Jan, You've been tagged! Please see my today's blog for a list of "birding" questions. (And blame Mary of Forest Walks)

Btw, I love the kitty with the green eyes.

Janine said...

Cute little sluggie.

Mary said...

What a cute Kitten.
By the way you can actually blame Pete for the Bird questions He tagged Mo and she tagged me!

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful cats! Now...that tree, could it be another tree growing behind the conifer or close to it's trunk?