Thursday, 25 October 2007

What a dreary day

Awful grey day here today, not cold, but been almost dark since about 3.45. Dreading the weekend when the clocks go back, and it WILL be dark at 3.45! (well nearly) :(

Okay so what have I been up to since the last entry? No idea what I did on Monday, Tuesday cleaned the pets out then it was the Bingo night down the pub, which was a laugh, didn't win anything though, and had a little too much to drink, consequently had a terrible night's sleep, serves me right. Nice to be picked up and chaffeured again so that I could actually have a drink though to be honest. No hangover yesterday, but did feel not quite right, extremely tired mainly though. Went to Pat's for lunch and walked the dogs down in the woodland, was a lovely bright day.

Today had to get up at the crack of dawn again because I had the BT engineer coming at 8am to try and sort out my broadband fault. He rang me yesterday teatime to confirm that I was the first call of the day. The fault I have had for months is when my telephone line rings, it cuts of the broadband connection. I've tried everything possible and it was agreed it was a fault on the line. Anyway to cut a long story short, he took two and a half hours over the road at the exchange and finally managed to do it. Came across to tell me, and we checked and it was great, woo hoo. Short lived though, I just thought oh I can put a second phone back on now, tested the line, and it's back to how it was already, didn't even last 8 hours. God knows what he can do now, he was on the last possible fix when it sorted out, so other than putting me in a new line completely, I have no idea. Still it's not my problem. As I've said before though, good job I don't receive many phone calls, because it's so bloody irritating to be in the middle of something, and then whoosh, error message, no connection, no webpage, no yahoo. Good job I don't do downloading else that would be kaputt too.

I thought all the hedgehogs had deserted me, the food hadn't been touched for a couple of nights, but something tucked in on both dishes again last night, so my guess is Colin is still around. I had the cams on but nothing before I went to bed at 10.30 though, was so shattered, just managed to watch Nature of Britain, and part of the Chris Packham one, then had to give up before I fell asleep on the sofa!

Bird news, this week has seen the return in the garden for my first Goldfinch in months, yesterday on the peanuts, just goes to show you don't have to have sunflower hearts to get them, although I do have loads of teasels everywhere, they've taken over like trifids, lol. Maybe has something to do with it then. Also today, first Coal Tit since early summer, and also first little Willow Tit picking up suet pellets from the back lawn.

Oh well Wind farm meet tonight, so out again, heh. :D

Goldfinch yesterday


oldcrow61 said...

I've been wondering how the night at the pub went. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the picture and is that a teasel I see peeking out from behind the post, lol. I had to move mine, they were grabbing people coming up the path.

Karen said...

Dear little goldfinch.