Monday, 29 October 2007

Monday Monday...

Managed to get a lot done today. Am feeling slightly more energetic, I think maybe the double dose of thyroxine may be kicking in, plus I've been on my vitamins etc for nearly a week now too. I cleaned out the aviary and Diddy boy, the Guinea pig play area in the back porch, and then the Guinea Pig cage. Just got the Budgies to do tomorrow. My back as usual, is now breaking though.

Been a lovely day here today, bright and sunny, hooray. I also managed to fix my broadband myself. I think I should apply for a job with BT because it seems I can work out the problem where about 6 of them can't. I suppose to be fair though, nobody was aware of that extra telephone socket in the metal box. But it was plain as day that the wiring for my phone which goes into my house via a smaller box on the wall also had a lead running into the metal box. So firstly I tried disconnecting the socket, which didn't work because it meant I had no phone line at all, so that socket is on a circuit with my phone line. So then I tried plugging in just a ADSL filter, no difference. So then I remembered the little tip about disconnecting two of the wires inside which aren't used. Success. So now my phone doesn't disconnect everytime I receive or make a call. Just the speed issue to sort out now. My isp have been informed of my findings and they are passing it through to BT. As soon as they have been, I shall have my rant to the council, and they can damn well get their own phone line to operate the alarms. I am still fuming but pretty pointless until BT have seen for themselves, it's up to the two of them to fix that.

Phoned Kate up this afternoon, and went up the farm for a walk with Emma and took Barra and Skye round the fields with her, it was beautiful up there, if a trifle soggy after all the rain, but I took my wellies so no prob. Had a cuppa with her and Terence, and ran then Kate to fetch her car from being MOT'd on my way home.

Can't get used to the clocks altering, it completely throws me out for about 2 weeks (and all the pets) Means getting up earlier to let Diddy out, uncover the budgies, feed the guinea pigs, and then I'm hungry an hour too early as well. Then shutting everything else in and drawing the curtains at five oclock, makes such a long night.

Still got one or maybe two hoggies coming, I thought the one last night was small, but went out to check and it's plenty big enough, no marks, but very healthy. Am taking a web cam capture each night and dating it so that I can look back and see how late they have been here. Can't remember last year, but I know the year before I saw one here in early December.

This is on the back cam with the best picture

This I had to take, the scary eyes were so funny. Not sure if it's the same hog as on the other one though.


Mary said...

I wish they would just leave the clocks alone I hate these dark evenings!

Anonymous said...

Love the hogs, I ve got just one coming, maybe if you looked back on your blog you might find the dates for last years late hogs. Pauline.

oldcrow61 said...

Awww, lovely hog.

Jan said...

Good thinking Pauline. Except now I've just spent about an hour reading through some of last year's blog and remembering! Anyhow, it would seem that my last sighting was of Ryan on 16th October, no food eaten for almost a week after that, so stopped putting out the food. Maybe I was a bit too early though, feeling guilty now, but I was away up mum's for a week, and then into November so just assumed they'd all gone.