Saturday, 13 October 2007

Hog news

Firstly, last night I took some proper shots of two hogs with the camera, not the web cam. Neither hog had any paint marks, or so I thought. Having taken them off my memory card just now, I am quite excited. The one in my front porch, which is isn't the cam I broadcast, was quite tame. It didn't run away, and now I can see some faint paint markings near the head, only on a few spikes, but paint markings nonetheless. I even enlarged that section to make sure. But look at the nose! It has a piece of peanut skin on it, but apart from that, the nose is pinkish and bluntish. I think it maybe Ryan! I so hope that it is. It's definitely not Speedy, as I saw him the other night and still has a lot more paint. The only other possibility is the one who first came early in the spring who was marked on the front of the head too, but he had a normal nose. I wonder.....

This is the one round on the main cam last night, who got beat up, he's in a real messy state, he really stank!