Sunday, 14 October 2007

Dreary Sunday

I wasn't going to do any more posts about the weather, but when it's about the only thing I have to talk about, I guess it's that or nothing. I am so, so, sick of this now. Wednesday remember was beautiful. Ever since, it's been grey, misty, foggy, drizzly and sometimes just outright raining. It's just so depressing. I have needed the lights on indoors since 4.30, the birds have all stopped feeding and gone off to roost, about an hour or so earlier than normal. The only good thing to be said about it is it's mild, and it's not windy, which are great bonuses I suppose for me.

Well it finally stopped raining for about an hour so I took Emma down to the river. The trees are very pretty of course, and we were showered with dead leaves, falling like golden confetti around us.

At least I got out for a while I suppose. Otherwise done sod all today. My back/sciatica is really painful at the moment, so apart from gentle walking, haven't felt like doing much at all. Have you ever had a dream that included something, and then woken up and it was true? Like the old joke about eating a giant marshmallow and when you woke, the pillow was gone - that sort of thing? Well I had a dream early this morning, I was chatting to a friend, and I was fidgeting away, and said, sorry, my back is killing me, I can't get away from the pain. With that, I woke up, and it was true! I was in bloody agony. I had to get out of bed and rub some of my ibuprofen in and take a couple of paracetemols. Consequently, I felt crap all morning, having taken pills on a empty stomach, felt sick and dizzy. Ah well, could be worse I suppose, but can't think how at the moment..... Roll on April.


Karen said...

Jan, I'm really sorry you're feeling so low. I do know how constant pain can really pull you down. Hope you feel better soon.

oldcrow61 said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I guess the damp weather doesn't help. Great pictures especially the first one of the little darling.

Pete said...

sorry about the back.

don't look at my photos today ;)

Jan said...

I already did. :(
TBH reading blogs from the Eastern side of the UK ought to be out, because it just pisses me off even more. Oh and talking to my mum on the phone and learning that it's not rained since Tuesday, and that she's been sitting out in the garden boiling today. I've either got to accept this shit weather here or move. Still a difficult decision, depends whats more important I suppose.

nicola said...

Jan go get the vegas we was talking about that will cheer you up ;)

Anonymous said...

The weather can't be good for you physically. Consider that while deciding whether or not to move.