Monday, 22 October 2007

The Parachute Jump at Swansea Yesterday

Well I had the most fab day, despite having to get up at 6.30 am, and get all my things done with the pets before it was daylight!

The weather was great, it was a bit cloudy here first thing, and I thought oh no, typical, but this also had a plus side in that it wasn't freezing or icy to do the birds. The cloud all cleared by the time we got to Swansea and it was a fantastic morning, lovely blue sky and sunny. Helen and her son Christopher were going to be the first to go up and jump, which was good news. It still took a while for them to get going though, but it was so exciting watching them get in the plane, take off, and then it takes them about 15 minutes to get up to 10,000 feet. We finally saw the little white dot in the sky which was them, and then could see them after the parachutes were open. They actually freefall for 5,000 feet before the parachute is open, so we only got to see them then. I've put the main action onto YouTube below, but I guess it won't be very exciting to watch, only for my own personal benefit really to know that it was a friend up there!

We had lunch in the airport cafe, and then eventually set off for home, but we stopped at Fforestfach shopping centre on the way home and we went in Borders Book shop, which was fantastic. Upstairs is Starbucks Coffee shop, so I had my first ever one of these, which was very nice. Kate bought a hilariously funny book (well she bought loads actually) but this was called Rabbit Suicides and had the most hysterical cartoons of a rabbit trying to kill itself. We were laughing so much, Terence was going to disown us!

Got Tuesday night to look forward too now, we have a pub evening locally to play Bingo! Will be a laugh anyway, and I'm being picked up again, I could get used to this being treated like a lady again and having a social life, I really could........

Plane taxi-ing for take off

Plane taking off

Coming back to earth

The airport from the car park

Safely back on the ground


Pete said...

nice to enjoy yourself innit!

Mary said...

So glad your friend got to jump this time....but you would never get me to do it.

Jan said...

Mary, at this very moment I am looking at the details of how much etc to do it. I found a link to it all (thank you Google) - It is very, very tempting to me, but the cost is an issue of course, I could have a two hour flight for less than that in one of the planes. Don't know. Will wait till next year I guess now, can't rely on the weather being any good for much longer.

Janine said...

Looks exciting! So when are you going to do it :D
I am a starbucks addict too ;)

nicola said...

You go for it Jan! Oh and have a great evening tonight, remember tho no dancing on tables!!!!!

Its like our new years resolutions are starting to happen eh ??

oldcrow61 said...

Great to hear that Helen made her jump. So exciting! You wouldn't get me up there though. Sounds like you would really like to do it yourself...go for it girl!

Karen said...

I would be petrified, no way I would do that but good luck to you if you decide to do it.