Thursday, 4 October 2007

Last day at the Farm :(

Was a bit of a nippy start this morning, almost a frost, mist hanging over the valley, but blue sky and sunshine by the time I took the dogs up the field, and has turned into a fabulous day. Took lots of photos, as this will be the last chance really for a while, and yesterday was a complete no-no with the rain. Hopefully, will be doing another stint next month though. Feel quite sad, I've so enjoyed doing this, it has given me a whole new interest in life. I shall do a little note for Kate later, and don't want to sound too gushing and gooey about it, but at the same time, want them to know how much I enjoy it.

Finally managed to remember to take a bag and pick some of the blackberries round the edge of the field, did remember yesterday of course, but in that rain, I decided against it.

The feral cats put in an appearance today, not sure which are the kittens though, and which is the she cat, and the tom chased off Socks, so didn't manage to get a pic of him/her (guessing a him now) One of the kittens is tamish, and came on the dish with me very close, awwww bless. (you sure??? me and a cat? nooooooooo! )

Looks like they will probably be back tonight, as I think she would have phoned me by now, so will probably have an exciting trip to Tesco tomorrow then, back to my normal thrilling old life. *yawn*

Oh well best get on and do something round here for a couple of hours I guess till it's time to go back. I have the windfarm meeting tonight though, and the car boot book sale on Saturday, which I've to do on my own this month, as Helen is away. Should be fun.

How about this view from your front garden then?

Badger poo! (It has blackberries in it - I know, too much information!)

Come on then!

My blackberries

Cute little lamb

No wonder I couldn't find these four, tsk.

The rams

Fluffy cat


oldcrow61 said...

So happy you are enjoying going to the farm and looking after the animals, what could be better. Would enjoy it myself. Loved the pictures.

Mary said...

Looks like you have been having fun at th farm. We had a beautiful day here as well. We spent the morning Deer watching.

Janine said...

Those blackberries look tasty!