Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Wednesday - The Farm, the Doctors and the Rain

I managed to count all the sheep okay today, still had to hike down the field though. I think I shall have to do them first in future because after having walked about a mile or more with the dogs, it's bloody hard to clamber over the gate and then trudge down another huge field to see how many sheep are lurking right at the bottom, and even worse going back up again and climbing back over the gate. Didn't take Emma this morning as I wanted to go straight to the doctors from the farm. Just as well cos I didn't get home until about 11.30 so my birds had a late breakfast today. The feral kitten came today to feed with the others. Not sure if the farm cat has been neutered, I guess so, but this kitty could be the son of him, has the same white socks. I don't know the names of the cats, I didn't take it in really, I expect Kate did tell me, but I just call them Fluffy and White Socks (wonder if you can guess why.....? ) Being as I don't like cats really, these two are cool, friendly and quite cute. White Socks was funny yesterday, he or she sat on the roof of my car as if to stop me from leaving. I got him/her off and put him/her on the steps but by the time I got back in the car, he/she was back on the roof!

Doctors was okay, I felt like a right hypo-thingy though, but thing is I had a lot of things that I needed to ask about and get sorted, and I kind of save them up for when I have to have my B12 injection done (every 3 months) unless they are urgent. So I had a list! How awful, I did apologise to the doctor, she sort of smiled (through gritted teeth) I didn't dare even mention the sciatica getting worse or the arthritis in my knee and elbow.... I really needed to sort out my eye, which has a problem with the tear duct, and my dizzy spells, which are getting a bit scary. Haven't mentioned them before, but I frightened myself half to death the other day because I was driving when I had one. If I get another, I have to go straight to the doctors and they will look into it further. In the meantime, we are going down the route of taking more tests for diabetes, my thyroid and other stuff. Have to go for blood tests having had nothing to eat or drink for eight hours, so will have to leave that till next week I think. I got ointment for my eye, and nasal spray to try and sort out my sinuses, which could also be the cause of the dizzyness. Hope so anyhow.

Oh yes, the rain, well it arrived with gusto today, drizzly most of the time from mid-morning but sometimes a couple of really heavy showers, so put paid to my grass cutting today, wish I'd done it yesterday now when it was lovely and dry, oh well, who cares, its not that long. Meant I didn't have much to do really but it was quite nice to sit and relax for a couple of hours. Got pretty wet doing the dog walk this afternoon, Emma too, but it was still enjoyable, just wore my waterproofs and wellies, and have left them to drip dry up at the farm. I am really in my element up there, I love the solitude, the peace and quiet, the wonderful scenery, looking down the valley and the leaves are all turning gorgeous colours on the trees, and the place is alive with birds, there was a little flock of nuthatches today, twittering away, and a beautiful Red Kite in one of the big oak trees. Also of course enjoying the pets, and being able to slob around in tatty old clothes, not have to speak to anyone, it's something I used to love about where I used to live before, and that I've missed this past 8 years. I hope I can continue to do this for a long while to come, hope Kate and Terence want to go away a lot! Maybe I won't say that in the depths of winter though when its freezing and foggy.


Anonymous said...

Your farm experiences sound delightful and I think you want to stay where you are in the country now. Your medical symptoms are shocking. I wonder how good your diet is? it sounds like you have a bit of a thyroid problem.

Jan said...

Thanks anon, my thyroid has been a problem for a while, I had most of it removed in 1988 because it was overactive. It was fine until a couple of years back when it went slow so I am now on thyroxine for life, it was checked in July, but Doctor is going to do it again. I still am leaning toward diabetes, the symptoms all seem to be relative, I already am borderline diabetes insipidus, and have to have that checked regularly. The list of stuff wrong with me is quite scary really, but I hate to go on about it too much, I try to just get on with stuff as best I can.

You are right about wanting to stay here btw, at least for the immediate future anyway, until something pisses me off again..

Anonymous said...

You didnt mention your diet. Are you sure you are eating well?