Thursday, 11 October 2007


Just a few quick lines, normal stuff, but don't want to disappoint my fan club....... (joke)

Okay so thanks again everyone for the help/advice/ideas re my food intake. I am trying to get motivated to do something about it now. As I joked the other night on chat though, I would like someone to plan my entire dietary needs, prepare all my meals and wash up afterwards. I don't mind getting the shopping in though! I am seriously considering going to a local Weight Watchers, it may be the motivation I need, and hopefully they will do me a good diet sheet. However, I had my blood tests done yesterday, so until I have the results back to see if they are all "normal" as usual, will hang fire on that one

So yesterday I went over to my ex's for the day, had some dvds for them and the weather was absolutely fantastic. We took the dogs down to Aberafon beach, and it was like a summer's day. Sitting on the wall eating our lunch, must have been close on 80 degrees I reckon in the sun. Didn't get home till about 6.45 last evening so by the time I'd done all my foods and stuff it was time to watch an excellent new series called The Nature of Britain. Absolutely fantastic photographic footage of all manner of birds, insects, plants, reptiles. The highlights were amazing scenes of Starlings going to roost, which have been filmed before, but I'd never seen these particular ones, they reckoned up to 6 million, and set to music, it was spectacular to say the least. Also showed some blonde hedgehogs on the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands, which were so cute. Oh and previously to that, Iolo Williams was at my local beach, New Quay, watching the dolphins, and also was a piece of footage from Gigrin Farm, the Red Kite feeding station that I have been to twice this year. This was because the Red Kite was voted Wales' favourite bird (I voted for it too) and the Robin was second, which was my second choice.

Today, weather supposed to be same as yesterday, but of course wrong as usual, thick fog until about 11.30 then grey and more grey ever since. Nearly dark now. Will have to put the light on in a sec. Met Pat and Ben at Newcastle Emlyn for a walk round the castle though, and we had a nice cuppa and a chat (and cake :O ) at the outside tables of the cafe, so it was fairly warm, better there than here anyway.

So there you have it, Wind Farm meeting tonight, so have to get all the hogs dishes done before I go, now pitch black at 7 pm, had four different hogs come again last night, little Colin is still a regular. Checked the box today though, and it's vacant again. Hope someone wants to hibernate in it, but have my doubts, I think they are too cosy in my huge, huge "compost" heap. I use the term loosely, as it is more a pile of garden waste, not much in the way of compost, but still, hopefully it is making a cosy home for something.

The sand was amazing
Barry Christine Misty & Emma


Pete said...

sounds like a nice day!

they give it good here for the weekend.

really pleased about Colin he has kept us entertained all summer bless him

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Lovely beach there. Like Pete, I too am pleased about Colin.