Saturday, 13 October 2007

A moan

Next, see this below? Well it's gold dust. Well no, actually it's more valuable than gold dust apparently. It's Emma's allergy vaccine, it last ten months, and I've put a 1p piece so you can see how big the bottle is. It holds 10ml, she has 1ml each month, which I inject into her. I got the vet bill today. What a lovely start for the weekend. Excuse me while I swear - it's gone up - a lot - £141.00 - EFFING HELL! For a repeat prescription. It comes from Holland (or 'Ollarnd as Damien would say) I bet my vets put on their bit though, what an effing rip off. Two years ago when she had the first lot, it was just under a hundred quid, which was bad enough. Now how can they justify that kind of increase, when they hold all the details of what has to go into it on record, and just have to squirt some stuff into a bottle and supply 10 syringes? I wouldn't mind if the stuff actually worked, but for July August and September, Emma was still tearing herself to bits and I was giving her a piriton antihistamine pill every day too. I'm afraid I won't be buying anymore when this runs out next year (you have to keep it in the fridge) I think I'll just try the piriton on their own. I love my dog to bits, but I'm not bloody made of money, and I can't afford that kind of bill (that wasn't the entire bill there was other stuff on it too)


oldcrow61 said...

omg, that's ridiculous! Sounds as bad as around here. How can they be trying to help animals when their prices are so high.

Anonymous said...

I would ask if they made a mistake Jan, say its almost double, and is that right, you never know they may have got it wrong. Pauline.